Monday, June 22, 2015

Posting a few SUMMER banner kits I have for sale

I was hoping to get this posted last night like I promised but am running a bit behind. Sorry.     Below is a ( assembled ) sample of the Summer Banner kits I have for sale for $14 each and that covers shipping. (US only please)  

Here is one up close.

Each one of these 4 are just a slight bit different, so if you are interested, please let me know which one it is you want.  The number is on them 1-4.   You can email me at, and let me know how you want to pay.  pay pal or check   $14 total (shipping included)    Only shipping US.

Please email me instead of leaving a comment here, as I may not be able to respond if I don't have your email.

I only have ONE of each of these kits, so once I sell one, I'll come back here and edit it SOLD., so you'll know what's available.   

I'll be working on getting some kits into my etsy soon, but these are  whats available now :)

These banners are super easy to put together so you really don't need any instruction.  I cut the letters out with a pinking shears/decorative scissors, and adhered them to my banner piece with foam squares for dimension. ( I've included them in the kit).  Each banner piece is appox 4x6.

Again, my email is

Let me know if you have any questions :)



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