Sunday, June 21, 2015

Wedding Recap / AccuCut Vintage Numbers / Ryan and Erins Colorado wedding

What a wonderful time we had in Colorado celebrating Ryan and Erin!  I have LOTS of photos to share lol  You know me ... I love photos and it's so hard for me to choose which to share.  Trust me, I narrowed it down. lol These are just a few.
Ryan is my nephew. (my sister Jans son).  If you follow my blog, Jan is often the one I'm crafting with :)

A while back I was telling you about how her and I worked on these glitter numbers for the reception tables.  ( see this blog post HERE)    We  used AccuCuts 11" Vintage Numbers Die VN11 to cut them.

We were SO happy with how they turned out! They made such a statement on the tables and looked AMAZING!!

My sister did such a great job of picking just the right mix of  glitters.

Everyone was commenting on how beautiful they looked.

Lets just say, everything about this wedding was beautiful!  How can you go wrong with a setting like this?
The venue gorgeous with a stunning view on all sides.

Below was the area that hordevors we served after the wedding and before the meal which was served inside.

Here is Ryan walking my sis and his grandma down to be seated.

Before we knew it... they were Mr & Mrs

Below is a shot of the lower area, after the ceremony.

Everything was so beautiful.

This is the entrance to the venue. The ladders on each side of the double doors where   old ladders my sis had painted, and they pretties on them are some from my sis and I's vintage clock and  camera collections.

Here is  what it looked like at night.

Inside the entrance .. more of my sis's touches.                              

It was  just amazing.  The basket there is filled with heart shaped cookies , that were individually wrapped and set out as thank yous at the end of the night.

Here is one table of my crazy family :)   Left to right.  My brothers Ray and Dan, my niece Rhonda from AZ, my sister in law Lori, and although you can see here here, next is my sister in law Linda. Then our son Jarad and our daughter in law Kate.    Wes ( our oldest) was so bummed he couldn't get off work to make the trip.

I snapped a few photos while we were getting the table pretties on , however I seemed to only have  managed to get a photo before they were decorated :(  But you can still  get an idea of the beautiful side room seating.  The view of the mountains was  SO pretty!

Introducing Mr & Mrs.

He dress was SO gorgeous!
Here is a shot of the back of the dress.

I snapped this one  as they were coming up from a few more   photos.

This is the beautiful Venue at night.

We were so happy to be able to be there to witness these to  people we love so much be married.  What a great time.  We enjoyed being able to spend time with family and celebrate!

Why is it that the drive there always goes faster than the drive home? lol  I guess because your not looking forward to anything fun. Laundry, unpacking ect.
The dogs were happy to see us!!

Thanks for stopping by!

PS I'll be posting the banner kits I have for  sale a bit later today if you are interested.



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Superb wedding ceremony!! This couple is adorable. The decoration part is my favorite in this wedding. Love those glitters!! Their wedding spot is one of my all-time favorite venues in DC. Anyway, thanks for the post.