Thursday, July 30, 2015

Little round album in a tin .... "Little Blue Bundle"

Hey friends.  I still have a couple of projects I've made with my "Little Blue Bundle" from The Little Blue House to share.  This little round mini in a tin is one of them. The tin is in the bundle.  You can see everything that comes in this fun bundle here LITTLE BLUE BUNDLE  Years ago I made these little albums in ribbon spools, this is done that same way. I'll show you in the steps below.

After picking out the photos I wanted to use for this. I pulled them up on my computer to size them, all the same size to fit in my album.  I used my round punch that I planned to use, for a good judge.

I printed them all out on one sheet. I did  enough photo so that I could add them on the front and the back of the pull out.
You can see in the photo below, how I punched out the photos and added them.  You can mix it up with punched papers also, so you have places for journaling. Or like I did... for adding chipboard letters.

The base piece you put in the bottom, that you adhere the ribbon strip under, should be cut just a bit larger than the punch, so it covers all of the bottom.

Here you can see the front of mine as it's pulled out.

And here is the back side.

At this point you can just fold it all back in , and tie it up with a ribbon.  I adhered the ribbon to the back of the tin.    Super fun to make and it's a sweet little keepsake.



Yesterday was a hard day for out family. We had to say goodbye to our Molly. I cant even look at this picture of her without tears so I'm going to leave it at that. Thank you all for the sweet messages, emails , calls ect.  and most of all for just understanding how important our Dogs are to us. They are our family.


Monday, July 27, 2015

"Live Simply" 11x14 Canvas for The Little Blue House

Hey Everyone!  Hoping you had a nice weekend.  Well, you know I love me these flower canvases. Here's a slightly different spin on one. This is one I did with my "Little Blue Bundle"  from The Little Blue House.   What is a "Little Blue Bundle" you ask? lol  Well. you can see it here
Basically what it is , is that the creative girls at The Little Blue House have put together super cute bunch if papers and other goodies that go together beautifully, into .......... wait for it..... "a bundle". lol for $14.95
This one happens to have the Chickainddy "Yippee" paper collection in it.
Anyway, I was lucky enough to have it as my kit to work with this month, so when you click here to see the kit, you will also see my creations made with it :)
Thanks Tracy and Kristyn at LBH.. you made me a happy girl again this month. Great choices!

I thought I'd show you quickly, how I created the background for my canvas. ( canvas not include in the kit btw)  
1.  Paint with acrylic paint on plain canvas
2. While paint is still wet, wipe with dry paper towel just a bit ( I wipe it both horizontally and vertically, just for the effect)
3. Sprinkle drops of water
4.  Leave water drops set about two minutes and then lay a paper towel on top of entire canvas, running your hands over the entire thing, to pick up water spots.

Super easy

from there... just cut and add the flower pieces, leaves, chipboard letters, buttons (or any other extra embellishments you want)
I used this wire for my stems, but of course you could just use black sharpie.

I have made many variations of these flower canvases... but I don't seem to tire of them.  Fun to make, and you can always change them up a little, so each one is different from the others.


Really the only reason I'm up doing a blog post at 1:30am in the morning is because I cant sleep. It's been a sad couple of days around our house.   As you may have seen me mention here before, our dog Molly has not been doing well, and we knew we would have to make a decision soon, as we don't want her suffering.
The last day or so she has lost control of her bladder.   She's tired , worn out , and has.. for quite some time had a hard time getting around. She eats well, and is not in terrible  pain ( it doesn't seem).   Our Vet is out until Wed. We have made an appointment for first thing Wed morning. Wes has stayed here the last couple of days to spend time with her and Jarad is coming out tomorrow to say his goodbyes.   I am keeping this brief and as you can see... I didn't even post a photo of her right now, because I promised myself more crying tonight! I'm tired and cried out.   Any of you who know me and my entire family  ... know  the dogs are a huge part of it.   This is so hard for all of us.  If you would... pray for peace for molly and for us.. the next few days. Thank you   

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A little more card love

A little more card love today.  Another card created with my "Little Blue Bundle" from The Little Blue House.  You can see all that is included in the Bundle HERE. 
I seriously loved everything in this bundle!  I'll be sharing more projects in my next blog posts :)

Whats been going on with me?

We had a few super HOT day in a row so I had put off running in to town for groceries and things I needed to get done.  Yesterday is was much nicer.  I just had to stop and take this photo on the way home. There where so many geese around the lakes it was crazy.  I had to stop the car and let them walk across the road.
They certainly weren't too worried... and took their sweet time. lol

Last night I worked on emptying my apothecary jars and other glass containers and got them all washed  and packed up. My friends daughter is getting married and they are using them for the candy buffet table.

So....How much time do you think you spend in the kitchen each day preparing meals? I don't cook near as much as I did when the boys were at home , for sure. But today I decided to make potato salad, not something we have often and if we did, I might just pick it up at the deli. I was thinking... This is taking up a lot of my day. lol I made a couple of salads and started marinating the meat for the grill later. I was thinking about what it would have been like for my grandmothers. Everything from scratch, no modern conveniences . yikes! I see some of my FB and instagram friends, and some do their weekly prep and make all their meals ahead. I'm so impressed! Some are single and live is large cities where they have access to great healthy food they can pick up for one... without having to do much cooking at all. I envy that! I get that everyone does what works best for them. With Dan working such odd ( and changing hours) it works for me to have things made ahead in in the fridg, so he can eat when hes hungry. On his days off, we can do meals and eat at the same time. Summer time we grill a lot. So.... My question is ... how much time do you think you have to spend in the kitchen everyday? Defiantly not judging! If I could get by with cooking less I would lol I like to cook at times.. especially bake... but when "I WANT" to do it. lol

I'd love to hear your thoughts

Okay... on with the day.

Thanks .... as always , for stopping by!!


Saturday, July 18, 2015

"Oh Happy Day" Card and clear pillow box using "Little But Bundle"

Hi friends!
I spent some time this week working with a super fun bunch of goodies called the "Little Blue Bundle".  It's new from The Little Blue House.   If you click HERE you can not only see what all you get in the bundle for $14.95 but also the project I made with the kit.
Below is just one of the cards I created with the bundle.  I absolutely LOVED everything in it!
I'll be sharing more projects made with this kit as the week goes on :)

The actually clear pillow box below isn't included in the bundle but I thought I'd share it anyway, since I used the papers on it.    If you would like to see some other super cute pillow box ideas, check out what the rest of the girls on the media team created this month also HERE on  The Little Blue House Blog

I had some fun stuff going on this week. Yesterday I went to Lincoln to get to spend a bit of time with some of my AZ family that is was back for a vist.  Most darling little punk'ns ever!

Here is Lucas and Harrison  hanging with their Grandpa. I think Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Nate are really going to be missing them when they head home :(           For those of you who have been following me ( my blog) for some time.  I'll explain who these family members are.   With me being the baby of seven and coming along much later in my parents lives (surprise!)  Some of my older siblings have children close to my age. Below is Brent.  He is my nephew.  The son of my oldest sister Donna ( who lives in AZ)
He has three Children, Amber , Taylor and Nathaniel.  These two little guys belong to Amber and her hubby, and are visiting from AZ.

Here's Lucas and Amber looking at the lightening bugs he's been catching :)  They don't have those in AZ so he was pretty excited.

Uncle Nate and Lucas are pretty tight, as you can see. lol
It was so great to get to see them all. Kids grow up so fast in between visits.  I'm sure they were sad to leave today but I know their daddy was missing them all.... and them him to I'm sure.

So...... it was a really nice evening................... that I thought was about to turn not so good on the way home from Lincoln last night.  It's only about an hour and fifteen minute drive that I'm sure I've done hundreds of times.     How could I have forgotten that one short stretch of hwy was 55 not 60 mph???    I see this Deputy Sheriff turn around and start following me. I'm like ??  what? I have my cruise set on 60.
All of the sudden his lights come on , and it dawns on me, it's 55 only there.   Thank goodness he was a really nice guy and  just gave me a warning.   Afterwards I said I was really relieved I didn't have to eat my words to my son, (who is a police officer), because the day before I had just said to him, "I've never had a ticket in my entire driving life".  WHEW! That was close.   Thank you nice officer!

So tonight we invited Wyatt and Emmett over for a movie night so their momma and dad could have a date night. They were so cute.  I made a little Concession stand and gave them nickles and pennies to pay for the candies with. They thought it was great.  I love this age, they are still so easily entertained :)

Here's to the weekend!  Enjoy!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Saturday, July 11, 2015

"Friends" layout from The Little Blue House

This month I got to work with the most fun, happy and colorful papers and embellishments from The Little Blue House.  This Collection is from Chickandinddy and this particular collection is called "Yippee". 
Pretty much in love with ALL the papers in this collection!    I decided I needed a super "happy" photo to scrap with this paper.  And..... found it! lol   Me and my partners in crime.  Actually the best friends a girl could have.

One is my sister by blood, but the other we consider our sister too!  And I consider them both my best friends.  I'd trust these two with my life and I know they have my back ... always.  They truly both have hearts of gold.   And they make me LAUGH!   A LOT!!

Below is a little peek a the collection. but you can see it all HERE, as well as the other collections.

I took a quick shot of the high tech tool I used to create my background design. lol

 What else have I been up too?   Well, I worked on this banner today for my friend Karen for her upcoming family reunion.    Let me tell you, I have never gotten as much use out of a die as I have this one!!
AccuCut Pennant Flags

Other than that, well, I've been staying "inside" yesterday and today. Why ??  Its hot and ...........
the mosquitoes are terrible right now.
My friend Lydia posted this on Facebook today and I just had to share it. Totally sums it up.

BUT...... every time I start to complain about heat or mosquitoes, I quickly remember this.....

NO thank you!    Summer is going by way too fast for me already.  I used to not mind  winter so much , but I seem to dread it more all the time.   So...... carry  on Summertime!!

*** Thanks so much those of you who left comments letting me know how your Summer is going. I love hearing from you!!


Thursday, July 09, 2015

Fun stuff frome AccuCut and Fancy Pants Designs

Hello!   Hope all of you have been having a great week.  Good here, just going by toooo fast like usual.  Why do the weeks in Summer seem to go by so much faster then the ones in the winter. Seriously!   It has been the most beautiful nice cool weather here this week. Totally unbelievable!   LOVE being able to have the windows open!!
Sharing a card and a little  pizza box today. Both using Fancy Pants Designs paper Collections and Accucut dies.  I'm always thrilled when I get to pair up two companies I love.

This card is done using the Every Day Circus Collection  and the AccuCut die A2 card mats #2 NC704J 

Here is a peek at the Everyday Circus Collection but you can see all of it  HERE

The background for the card comes with these two backgrounds on one die. You can see it here on the AccuCut Craft website A2 card mats #2 NC704J 

These darling little Pizza box dies come in different sizes! You can see them here Pizza box in different sizes 

Pizza box in different sizes   
Super fun for so many different things.

You know me ... I always have to share a bit about my week.  Just wish this  wasnt so one sided and I could hear about yours :)     ( but your always free to tell me about it in a comment. Really, I'd love to hear what you've all been up too this Summer)    Not that mine is anything  super exciting.... but it's still my life. lol 
We grilled at the cabin Sunday evening.  The dogs are crazy about going tot he cabin.  Poor Molly, as much as she loves going there, and cant wait to see Wes, she is getting to the point she cant get in the car.  Even with help, it's just too hard for her.  We love her so much , it's hard to see her having such a hard time.
She just keeps plugging along. I don't know how , with all her health problems. We are really struggling with what is right for her right now.  We just try to make her days the best we can. ( she has had  numerous steaks this Summer) and lots of extra love and attention.  Sometimes the hardest part of having pets is knowing when to let them go :(

On a lighter note.  Molly enjoyed the evening very much! We all did.

My tenderhearted (police officer) son,  has a nest of baby bunnies in his garden. ( he has a  fenced in garden, but momma found her way in)  ...   Everyone has been telling him since they were first  born , to  throw them out.  Obviously .. that's not his style. ( and I'm so glad).
They are leaving the nest now .. so I'm sure he will be able to remove them carefully.   I stayed out side the fence but went over with my camera to take a photo of them in the nest. This little guy thought I was his momma I  guess, because he came out of the nest and towards me. and kept coming , until he was out of the fence. At that point I was so afraid the dogs would see him, I finally picked him up and put him back in the nest with the otohers.   Years ago I wouldn't have done that, thinking the momma would not return, but since then I've learned the momma doesn't care if you've touched them, she will still care for them.
So adorable!

I'm now working on some projects for The Little Blue House, that I'll be sharing soon.  Fun papers and goodies that I'm excited to show you.

And P.S.   A Happy Birthday to my Brother Dan today!!

Enjoy the day everyone!

Thanks for stopping by!


Saturday, July 04, 2015

Happy 4th of July! Sharing some Sparkler party favors and a patriotic wreath using Fancy Pants and AccuCut

Here it is... July 4th! Wishing you all a Happy and safe one!   We done have any major plans this weekend.  It was a busy week, so staying home in pajama pants with diet coke and Netflix inst breaking my heart.
I love the photo of Emmett below. It's from last year. He's grown so much!

I'm squeezing in a July Fourth project today.  This one was just up on the Fancy Pants Designs Blog.  You can see it here.     I created these little sparkler party favors using the "Making Waves" Collection.

Last week when Jan and I were out "junk'n" I found this white wreath for $1.   I know it's probably meant for a Christmas wreath, but I thought .. why not Patriotic?     I used my AccuCut star die to cut different colored stars from the "Making Waves" Collection and attached them. 

 AccuCut  Star #1

 (Easy enough to take them off and store them in a bag so I can use the wreath for Christmas decor)  I love things like that, that can save space!  Just ask my husband how many bins I have on our garage shelves, of Holiday decor. Yikes! I'm trying to find a way to narrow that down!   Things like basic wreaths are easy to change up with banners ect. I love that.

So.... We had our carpets cleaned yesterday.  I get WAY to excited about this. lol  I don't know what it is, but I really love having the carpets cleaned. :)   Yes... THIS is just how exciting my life is. lol     If you life in the area... I highly recommend  Joel from Advantage Carpet Cleaning.  He does a great job, is so personable and his rate are more than fair. 

Now... working on getting things put back.  I got a new dinning room area rug and a couple other new smaller rugs.  I'll share photos next week when I have everything in it's place again.

What else happened this week? Well, I got to spend a day with this little sweetie.   This is Lyla.  Her Mommy and Daddy live on a farm just a few miles up the road.   Her Daddy went to College with our oldest Wes, and it also a good friend of our youngest Jarad and is wife Kate.  Well..... how about ... they are friends with our entire family and we with theirs. lol    Anyway, isn't she a DOLL?!?

Her daddy is brought me lots of garden goodies also... so it's been good eating around here.
I also have to show you the  new friends I found for my terrarium .   awwwww    I found them at  Hobby Lobby.   When Emmett stops by, he is totally intrigued by the Them.   I was thinking about it, and thought.. If I was a kid I totally would be too!   Then I thought.....  Oh.. I'm an adult.. and I am anyway! lol

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Happy fourth of July!

And for my Canadian friend who missed my wishes on Facebook early this week, I hope you had a wonderful Canada Day!

Hugs all around!!