Saturday, July 11, 2015

"Friends" layout from The Little Blue House

This month I got to work with the most fun, happy and colorful papers and embellishments from The Little Blue House.  This Collection is from Chickandinddy and this particular collection is called "Yippee". 
Pretty much in love with ALL the papers in this collection!    I decided I needed a super "happy" photo to scrap with this paper.  And..... found it! lol   Me and my partners in crime.  Actually the best friends a girl could have.

One is my sister by blood, but the other we consider our sister too!  And I consider them both my best friends.  I'd trust these two with my life and I know they have my back ... always.  They truly both have hearts of gold.   And they make me LAUGH!   A LOT!!

Below is a little peek a the collection. but you can see it all HERE, as well as the other collections.

I took a quick shot of the high tech tool I used to create my background design. lol

 What else have I been up too?   Well, I worked on this banner today for my friend Karen for her upcoming family reunion.    Let me tell you, I have never gotten as much use out of a die as I have this one!!
AccuCut Pennant Flags

Other than that, well, I've been staying "inside" yesterday and today. Why ??  Its hot and ...........
the mosquitoes are terrible right now.
My friend Lydia posted this on Facebook today and I just had to share it. Totally sums it up.

BUT...... every time I start to complain about heat or mosquitoes, I quickly remember this.....

NO thank you!    Summer is going by way too fast for me already.  I used to not mind  winter so much , but I seem to dread it more all the time.   So...... carry  on Summertime!!

*** Thanks so much those of you who left comments letting me know how your Summer is going. I love hearing from you!!



Anonymous said...

Vicki, you are so right about friends and family, some are blood and some are sisters by another mother. Couldn't live without my friends. Love the banner for a family reunion! I so agree about the bugs......I hate them! We are so wet and damp here from all the rain and more to come that all we have is bugs.......sigh.

Jill Norwood said...

We are drowning in extreme heat here in Washington and it is a summer of bugs with ants and bees being the biggest problem so far! Lol! Yay for girlfriends!!!! :)