Thursday, July 09, 2015

Fun stuff frome AccuCut and Fancy Pants Designs

Hello!   Hope all of you have been having a great week.  Good here, just going by toooo fast like usual.  Why do the weeks in Summer seem to go by so much faster then the ones in the winter. Seriously!   It has been the most beautiful nice cool weather here this week. Totally unbelievable!   LOVE being able to have the windows open!!
Sharing a card and a little  pizza box today. Both using Fancy Pants Designs paper Collections and Accucut dies.  I'm always thrilled when I get to pair up two companies I love.

This card is done using the Every Day Circus Collection  and the AccuCut die A2 card mats #2 NC704J 

Here is a peek at the Everyday Circus Collection but you can see all of it  HERE

The background for the card comes with these two backgrounds on one die. You can see it here on the AccuCut Craft website A2 card mats #2 NC704J 

These darling little Pizza box dies come in different sizes! You can see them here Pizza box in different sizes 

Pizza box in different sizes   
Super fun for so many different things.

You know me ... I always have to share a bit about my week.  Just wish this  wasnt so one sided and I could hear about yours :)     ( but your always free to tell me about it in a comment. Really, I'd love to hear what you've all been up too this Summer)    Not that mine is anything  super exciting.... but it's still my life. lol 
We grilled at the cabin Sunday evening.  The dogs are crazy about going tot he cabin.  Poor Molly, as much as she loves going there, and cant wait to see Wes, she is getting to the point she cant get in the car.  Even with help, it's just too hard for her.  We love her so much , it's hard to see her having such a hard time.
She just keeps plugging along. I don't know how , with all her health problems. We are really struggling with what is right for her right now.  We just try to make her days the best we can. ( she has had  numerous steaks this Summer) and lots of extra love and attention.  Sometimes the hardest part of having pets is knowing when to let them go :(

On a lighter note.  Molly enjoyed the evening very much! We all did.

My tenderhearted (police officer) son,  has a nest of baby bunnies in his garden. ( he has a  fenced in garden, but momma found her way in)  ...   Everyone has been telling him since they were first  born , to  throw them out.  Obviously .. that's not his style. ( and I'm so glad).
They are leaving the nest now .. so I'm sure he will be able to remove them carefully.   I stayed out side the fence but went over with my camera to take a photo of them in the nest. This little guy thought I was his momma I  guess, because he came out of the nest and towards me. and kept coming , until he was out of the fence. At that point I was so afraid the dogs would see him, I finally picked him up and put him back in the nest with the otohers.   Years ago I wouldn't have done that, thinking the momma would not return, but since then I've learned the momma doesn't care if you've touched them, she will still care for them.
So adorable!

I'm now working on some projects for The Little Blue House, that I'll be sharing soon.  Fun papers and goodies that I'm excited to show you.

And P.S.   A Happy Birthday to my Brother Dan today!!

Enjoy the day everyone!

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Troy Louise Seegmiller said...

Awww! That bunny is so sweet & so is your family. So happy that your Molly could get to the cabin with you. It's so hard to see them age. Looks like she is still happy - that's most important. Love your cards, although I'm not much of a circus person, those papers are adorable. The new dies are fun. We are having a nice summer - we have had thunderstorms & rain for 2 weeks, which is a delight here in Reno as it was horridly hot in early June & we are suffering from a drought so the water is very much appreciated. Our vacation isn't til September - a week on the Oregon coast - I can't wait!

Linda S. said...

I love the picture of the baby bunny. My neighbors tell me I have a rabbit family living in my back yard. It is so strange to me the way Mama rabbit will nest right in the middle of the lawn, with no protection from the elements or predators, and that is where the babies are born. I totally understand your angst with your older dog. I agree with the above poster that her quality of life is most important, and she will let you know when it is time.

bettyann said...

I know what you mean about your pets. After Niala, my 19 years cat died, I was beating myself up for keeping her with us for an extra week or so. But I can now forgive myself. Pets are so precious to us. Take care..Molly will let you know. xxx bettyann

Jill Norwood said...

Such a sweet lil bunny! Glad you enjoyed a nice evening! We just celebrated my little one's 11th! He is getting so big! :)