Monday, July 27, 2015

"Live Simply" 11x14 Canvas for The Little Blue House

Hey Everyone!  Hoping you had a nice weekend.  Well, you know I love me these flower canvases. Here's a slightly different spin on one. This is one I did with my "Little Blue Bundle"  from The Little Blue House.   What is a "Little Blue Bundle" you ask? lol  Well. you can see it here
Basically what it is , is that the creative girls at The Little Blue House have put together super cute bunch if papers and other goodies that go together beautifully, into .......... wait for it..... "a bundle". lol for $14.95
This one happens to have the Chickainddy "Yippee" paper collection in it.
Anyway, I was lucky enough to have it as my kit to work with this month, so when you click here to see the kit, you will also see my creations made with it :)
Thanks Tracy and Kristyn at LBH.. you made me a happy girl again this month. Great choices!

I thought I'd show you quickly, how I created the background for my canvas. ( canvas not include in the kit btw)  
1.  Paint with acrylic paint on plain canvas
2. While paint is still wet, wipe with dry paper towel just a bit ( I wipe it both horizontally and vertically, just for the effect)
3. Sprinkle drops of water
4.  Leave water drops set about two minutes and then lay a paper towel on top of entire canvas, running your hands over the entire thing, to pick up water spots.

Super easy

from there... just cut and add the flower pieces, leaves, chipboard letters, buttons (or any other extra embellishments you want)
I used this wire for my stems, but of course you could just use black sharpie.

I have made many variations of these flower canvases... but I don't seem to tire of them.  Fun to make, and you can always change them up a little, so each one is different from the others.


Really the only reason I'm up doing a blog post at 1:30am in the morning is because I cant sleep. It's been a sad couple of days around our house.   As you may have seen me mention here before, our dog Molly has not been doing well, and we knew we would have to make a decision soon, as we don't want her suffering.
The last day or so she has lost control of her bladder.   She's tired , worn out , and has.. for quite some time had a hard time getting around. She eats well, and is not in terrible  pain ( it doesn't seem).   Our Vet is out until Wed. We have made an appointment for first thing Wed morning. Wes has stayed here the last couple of days to spend time with her and Jarad is coming out tomorrow to say his goodbyes.   I am keeping this brief and as you can see... I didn't even post a photo of her right now, because I promised myself more crying tonight! I'm tired and cried out.   Any of you who know me and my entire family  ... know  the dogs are a huge part of it.   This is so hard for all of us.  If you would... pray for peace for molly and for us.. the next few days. Thank you   


Jane Wetzel said...

so very, very sorry Vicki....been there as i know you have...hugs...

harrahx2 said...

Oh my sweet dear friend. I hurt so b=much for you right now. Sending love and extra hugs for the whole family. Miss Molly will always be there.

Linda S. said...

Oh, I am so sad for your entire family. Please know that it will not be hard for Molly, only for those who love and care for her. May all your hearts find some peace in the next weeks. Hugs.