Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Getting Happy with a card Trio

Hello my sweet friends! Here we are mid week into the first week of August already. What?  Like every other Summer, I think... this Summer will just be relaxing.. we are going to just take it easy.  Ha! Never seems happens.  This Summer has been no different. It seems like we are constantly busy with something. I dont mind being busy when it's fun things...but it all hasnt been fun.  Thankful for the fun things we did have this Summer.  And I'll still take Summer over Winter anytime.  
We have had different people here giving us estimates on windows. ugh.... dread.  The first guy was here for 3 hours!  Before the next day came and the other other guy was set to arrive, I told Dan.... "Time Limits"!  I'm not giving up three hours of the day again.   Sitting listening to something like that is painful to me.  I know it has to be done... but painful I tell you.  Glad that's over. lol 
I've been sharing projects I created with my Little Blue Bundle from The Little Blue House this month.  I've sharing a couple of these cards, but thought I'd share them all together now, when I share the last one.  That way you can see more of an example of all the happy colors and patterns.
You can find the kit here.     Little Blue Bundle

Last week was hard, after loosing Miss Molly. We were all feeling down.  We were going to watch Wyatt and Emmet for a few hours Friday night , but I asked Gabby if they could just spend the night.  It was a great distraction for Dan and I both. We watched movies, and had pizza.  These two are pretty entertaining :)

Poor Daisy has been pretty sad without Molly also, so she enjoyed extra pets and attention..

Saturday this bunch of crazy fun ladies got together to talk baby shower plans.  I guess I haven't  really announced it here on my blog because I was waiting for her to announce it publicly..but my niece Neely is expecting in October!!!!   I could NOT be MORE EXCITED!!!!   And well my sis (Jan) .. she is just a little excited also (Jan in the center below).   It will be her and Keith's first grandchild!

Is this crazy or what?  This is what the sky looked like above our house the other night after it had been stormy.  It was an artists dream!  SO gorgeous!    I have never seen anything like it.   I didn't use any filters or any thing on this photo... this is just how it looked.  A*M*A*Z*I*N*G

I hope you are finding time to ENJOY your Summer!    Yesterday we had BLT's with garden tomatoes , and they were SOOOO yummy!  Now that's Summertime!

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share.



Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

So very sorry about Molly. I know how much you loved her. What a lucky puppy to have you as her friend. The cards are so pretty...such happy colors, and great design. LBH is lucky to have you on board! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Your sister is a "little" excited? Heck, over the moon and back is a better description because I know I am happy for her so your sister must be crazy happy! You too, for that matter! Love the cards and those clouds are amazing. Funny about the windows. We had a window salesman come and talk all about how good the windows were etc. I said, all I am interested in at this point is prices as I am comparing prices...........he kept on and on. Finally had to kick him out. I am not good with folks who don't "hear what I am saying" so.......then there was the next one that said : Your husband must be here as he will understand the information better........." Out the door he went! I don't like condescending men!