Monday, September 28, 2015

A canvas making day with the girls

Hi everyone! I hope you had a nice weekend.  It was a beautiful Fall weekend here.  
Last week Jan, Karen and I got together at Jan's house, to work on some canvases.  I had previously made   the "Be Happy" canvas I have a photo of a little further down in this blog post. ( Like the one Jan is holding that she made).  It was one of the canvases that I sold at the last flea market.  It ended up that Julie bought it.. so obviously she didn't need to make another one lol. That's why it's just Jan and Karen and I working on these on this day. Juls was working :(  We missed her.
Jan made the "Be Happy" canvas and Karen worked on a canvas for her grandson... using the colors of his room.

The letters used on the canvases were Hazel and Ruby  
 The arrows we just created ourselves using masking tape.
This is the canvas Jan was making , she just didn't have the gems hot glued on yet.   It's hard to see here, but that is metallic silver paint.

My sis spoiled with with my favorite coconut cake for an early birthday.   I can not describe how how amazing this cake is.   They are from Sams. We always get them from our bridal and baby showers also. It is delish!!
It was a great day.  I always enjoy the time I spend with these girls.  Karen and I laughed at how quickly the hour and 15 minute drive from my house to Jan went..... when her and I were chatting all the way. lol


What our weekend consisted of ....

Yes, that IS the back of our house.   While we are doing the deck expansion, the plan was to replace the sliding door with french doors.  Oh, you have no idea how long I've been waiting for this to be done.
Anyway.. this is what it looked like Friday.  Nothing but a huge tarp over it  Friday night.

The trim isn't up... but by last night... we had a working door!

Yesterday while Dan was working on the outside door trim and other things, I took the pooches for a walk. It was such a beautiful day.

They are getting more and more used to each other every day.

We still miss our Molly dog so much some days. When I saw this..... I thought... THAT is just how I feel


I have something I want to share with you , because it's SO beautiful!!  This is my friend Lidy Barrs.  She is the owner of The French Garden HouseYou can read more about her on her blog
Right now she has a post up with a Fall Home Tour, that is simply amazing.  You wont want to miss it.
You can see it here.    Fall Home Tour

It's Monday...... it's a beginning of a great week!   Jump in head first and make it the best!

Thank you for stopping by!



harrahx2 said...

Love the panels Vicki and the new doors are really beautiful! Glad to hear the dogs are adjusting. Hugs!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Those canvases are great! You are so brave to work with such a large surface....maybe someday! Love, love the new French doors. Brings the outdoors right in. You are going to love them! Hugs!