Saturday, October 31, 2015

"Happy Halloween" Sharing some Halloween cards

Happy Halloween!!!
I still have these Halloween cards I need to squeeze in before Halloween is over. So.... here I am again. These are done with the Fancy Pants Designs "Be Different" Collection.  It isn't specifically a Halloween Collection, but defiantly works well for it. 

Cute little monsters and fun colors.

The die cut Bats are an AccuCut die . They are actually from my Witch Shoe Album. You can see it HERE.

As I was digging back thru my photos the other day, I ran across this one of our boys.  I'm thinking Jarad must have been tired and was in his pj's already or something.  ( unless he was cheese and that was his mouse) lol         Oh.. the good old days :)

The CD I used to create the background for this was Crafty Secrets "Creating with Vintage Halloween CD".

Friday, October 30, 2015

More projects to share from the "Gather Together" Kit from The Little Blue House

I'm squeezing in lots of posts these days, but I wanted to share some more projects with you that I created using the "Gather Together" Kit from The Little Blue House.  There was so much in this kit, it seemed to go on and on. I still have pieces left to play with.  You can see everything that comes in the kit HERE
You can see lots of projects using the kit on the Little Blue House Blog  and also on the DT girls blogs ... which I'll link to below in this post.
Here's a layout with a photo of one of my favorite little guys.

There were all kinds of pieces in the kit that would work for layouts, cards, gift containers, altered projects ect.   Fall always makes me want to bake.

Here is my very favorite chocolate Chip cookie recipe.
I always let the dough chill and drop them onto a cool cookie sheet.
Also .. another simple treat bag.

I have more to share...from this kit , after tomorrows Halloween post.

Here are the links to the other girls blogs so you can check out their projects using the kit.

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 Its been a hard week. After having to say goodbye to my friend Sally, I spent some time working on her memory board for her service. It's emotional to work on a memory board of someone you've been friends with for 35 years.... but also fun to see photos from their childhood you've never seen.  It's bittersweet I guess.  

Sally was a kind, loving person with a huge heart.  Her three boys all spoke at her service. They knew how blessed they were to have such an amazing mom.  I was thankful and honored to get to hold Sally's new 8 week old baby granddaughter during the service. I needed a distraction during the service, and a reason to be able to step out now and then.... and that beautiful babe was just that.  Her grandma will be her guardian angel now.... as she will her little grandson Issac.  

Alzheimer is a horrible disease..  it does not define who my friend Sally was. She had a beautiful life before it stole her memory away.  She was full of energy, love and kindness, with a laugh like no other.

Pray for a cure


Thursday, October 29, 2015

Album in a Pie Pan using the "Gather Together" Kit from The LIttle Blue House

Yay! Finally ... the day is here! the "Gather Together" Front Porch Kits from The Little Blue House are available and we get to start sharing our projects!   I'll be sharing the links to the other girls blogs at the bottom of this post so that you can check out their projects.
I'm going to break mine up a bit and start with this Album in a pie tin that I created with goodies from the kit first.  When I saw the pie tin in there I knew immediately I wanted to create an album in it.  And if there was ever one thing that I wanted to document and create it was a "cooking" themed album about, my moms Sour Cream Cookies.   They were something my mom always made, especially at Christmas, but actually any time. The recipe originated with my Aunt Edith, and my mom carried the torch for years after Aunt Ede was gone.  Now that mom is gone, us girls do our best, but for some reason they just never quite seem the same.  I guess it's moms loving touch we miss.   Anyway, I'm glad that we spent time making these WITH mom and that I took photos along the way.  I was happy to have them for this album.

I prepped my pie tin by crackle coating it.  I started by painting the entire thing with red acrylic paint. Once that was dry, I painted a coat of Crackle Coat, and let that dry completely.  Then ended with the top white coat of acrylic paint that crackled nicely.

I added the recipe the the inside cover.

There are a number of pages so I just snapped photos and put them into these collages for you to see, instead of drowning you in photos :)

These photos are priceless memories for me so I'm so happy to have them put into a cute little album. And have it be one that I can sit out on my kitchen counter to enjoy seeing and to share with others.   This kit had so many great things in it that would perfect for a project like this.

Miss Tracy has put together an amazing kit! Check out all that is included!

You can purchase here in the Little Blue House online Store.

I have MANY more projects to share that I've created with this kit, so I hope you keep visiting!
Oh... and pop over and see what the other girls have created ok?

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I'll be back!
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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Third Sneak Peek for the LBH new Front Porch Kit "Gather Together"

Here it is the THIRD day of sneak peeks for the "Gather Together" Kit that will by released TOMORROW by The Little Blue House!

Here is a peek a a few more of the projects I'll be sharing soon that I created with this Front Porch Kit.

You can see all the sneak peek here on the other girls blogs

You can pop around today again and see more of what the girls are going to be sharing on their blogs

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 I'll be sharing some recipes this with my projects also.


Before we know it, it's going to be Halloween!  I ran across this photo of our boys.. many many years ago on Halloween, and  decided to share.  It seems to me, Jarad had given up and was just in his jammies at this point. lol

Please stop back tomorrow!!!


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Second day of sneak peeks for LBH Front Porch Kit "Gather Together"

Yay... it's the second day of sneak peeks for the upcoming Front Porch Kit that will be released Thursday from The Little Blue House.
Here is a peek at a two page layout that I'll be sharing soon.

And here are a couple more peeks at projects I created using the "Gather Together" kit.

You can pop around today again and see more of what the girls are going to be sharing on their blogs

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Me... your here!
Susan T


Yesterday the news I had to share wasn't happy news, but I didn't get to tell you about the good things that the weekend had in store for us.   Lets just say the weekend was a bit of an emotional roller coaster to day the least.

 Neely and Alan had their baby!  He is perfect!  As you can see my sis and brother in law are totally smitten with him. I hope they decide  to come back from CA :(   This is their first grand baby!
 Welcome to the world Tennessee, your Aunt Vicki cant wait to meet you!!

And another happy event took place on Saturday.  My friend Karen's son got married.  It was a gorgeous Fall day for a wedding!
The Bride and Groom

   This photo is of Karen and her Daughter.  It was so nice to get to meet all of Karens family. Such nice people! It was a great distraction from the earlier news of my friend Sally.

Karen and her daughter Kelly set up the decorations for the reception. It was so fun to see so many of Karen's crafty touches everywhere! 

It was so beautiful! I got caught up keeping things filled in the kitchen, and didn't take as many photos as I had planned... but glad a got a few.    Of course they had a photographer so they will have lots of amazing photos for their memories.

 Isnt this cute??!!
 Okay.... I'm back tomorrow with some more sneek peeks!


Monday, October 26, 2015

The first Sneak Peek for the LBH new Front Porch Kit "Gather Together"

Hi friends.  I'm starting off today with the first of the sneak peeks of projects done with the new Front Porch Kit The Little Blue House will be Offering come Thursday.   It is an AMAZING kit!  The kit name is called "Gather together". When you see it, you will understand why that is such a fitting theme name.  Us ( the LBH girls) will be sharing peeks on our blogs over the next three day, starting today. And then on Thursday the kit will be available and we will begin sharing our projects in entity.

Here are peeks at a few of the projects I've been working on. I have loved every minute I spent creating with this kit!  It was fun!  It's full of all kinds of creative goodness!

Here are the links to all the girls blogs so you can be sure to check them out

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I have some sad news to share.  Those of you who have followed my blog for some time now, have heard me talk of my dear friend Sally who has been suffering from Early Onset Alzheimer's for a number of years now. She has been in a care facility only about 20 minutes from me for about the last 3 years, so I visit with her almost weekly.  She took a turn for the worse on Thursday. She passed away in the middle of the night Saturday night. She was my friend for 36 years. At one time was married to Dan's brother, so their  three boys are our nephews. My heart hurts for them... and for her husband Alan.     My heart just hurts in general. I'm going to miss her so much.    It's true what they say about Alzheimer's,  "It's the long goodbye"   I didn't understand that at first, but I certainly do now.   You loose them little by little.  It hurts to see them confused. It hurts when they cant remember your name anymore. On and on.  Pieces of them leave.  I can't tell you the number of times I've sat in the parking lot of the facility after a visit and cried. This is a horrible disease, that I hope we find a cure for very soon. Sal was only 56 years old. She has grand babies she didn't get to know.,.. and that breaks my heart.  There is just so much about this disease that is sad.  But.....  it certainly does not define who my friend was. She was a full speed ahead, full of energy, happy person with a contagious laugh.And she laughed a lot!  She was an amazing mom who loved her boys like nothing else. They always came first!
 I'll remember us raising our little boys together. Taking them to the park. Tossing them in the tub together at times in the evenings and putting their little jammies on , to sit and have popcorn at watch a movie together, when the guys worked nights. Cross stitching together. Bike riding together. Talking on the phone numerous times a day sometimes. Baking chocolate chip cookies for the kids together.  Those are the things I will remember about her.

Cherish your true blue friends and keep them close because there is never a guarantee how long you'll get to have them.

 Rest in Peace Sal, your suffering is over. I love you.

 Her obituary

If you have never seen "I'll Be Me" the story of Glen Campbell  and his battle with Alzheimer's , it is an amazing movie. I have watched it twice now.  Even if you aren't a huge fan, it's good, and if you do like him as a musician, you really should see it.

This song says so much.


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Cards and Cookies

Boy it seems like I cant keep up with the cards I need lately.  I need to get a stock pile ahead this winter I think. It would certainly be shameful for me to send a store bought card with this room full of paper and stamps. lol   I guess I've been spending all my time outside enjoying the nice weather, knowing there will but plenty of cold wintery days ahead for inside card making.

Speaking of nice days.  We actually got to spend a nice evening out on the new deck. We grilled and watched a movie on the new screen Wes gave Dan for fathers day.  It was a PERFECT night for it.

Yesterday  the weather cooled off substantially, so I'm glad we got that chance to be out and enough the deck, since for the most part we'll have to wait until next Summer. Daisy must have been chilly or something?  Why bother sleeping in her own bed .. that is actually her SIZE. lol   I guess she likes Lily's bed better.

Chilly days are always good for baking. This is my favorite Chocolate Chip cookie recipe.  I made these JUMBO :)

I've been baking these since the kids were little. MANY times!
I always take them out of the oven before they are really brown, so they are soft and chewy.

Hoping it's been a good week for all of you.   Hang on the weekend is coming!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sharing a new card "Grateful, blessed and so very thankful"

It's strange how card making used to be my least favorite of all crafting to do, and now I enjoy it so much.  I enjoy the process of creating the card, but I also love the idea of sending a little piece of  something I made, that I know ... for at least a bit, will make that person feel extra special.  You have to admit, any card in the mail is way more fun than an email. (unless of course if it's a dental appointment reminder) ick

Well, my camera battery charger finally came in the mail , so I could upload my photos from our trip to SD last weekend to see my Aunts and Uncle.   I thought I'd share a few.
The road below is the road to my Aunt Donna and Uncle Al's farm, which is right near where my grandparents farmed.
This place holds so many great memories for our family.

Jan and I had picked up Our Aunt Viv to bring her with us out to our Aunt and Uncles farm with us.  My Uncle Al is my Aunt Vivs brother.  They are my moms two siblings.
My parents were originally both from SD. They met and married here.  Many of my brothers and sisters were born here, before the family moved to NE.

We had such a nice visit while we were there.  I love that things always feel the same  there.  My Aunt Donna's immaculate sweet little house with sparking wood floors.  Everything about being there is always so comforting.  We could have visited all day, but needed to get headed back to meet up with our cousin Paul in the afternoon.
Paul , Aunt Viv, Jan and I took a drive in the afternoon because it was such a gorgeous day.  It was so enjoyable!

We enjoyed a beautiful scenic drive down along the river, and got out to stretch out legs now and then.

My sis Jan in the photo above and our cousin Paul in the photo below.

It's about a  4 hour drive from my house to theirs .. and add another hour plus for Jan, but the weather was gorgeous so it was the perfect time to go.  We usually try to make one last trip before winter comes rolling in. It's never good to get caught on those roads in a storm, so we don't chance it. 
My Aunt Viv and Uncle Al are both in their 90's now, but I'm amazed how they still go! They don't let much stop them.  That's how mom was also.  I miss mom so much, and when I'm around them I see so many things they do that remind me of her.     Just phrases they use, hand gestures, the way they walk, or the stories they tell. It somehow makes me feel closer to her.  I guess part of it is just being there.
 It's funny, as you're  growing up you don't really think about the fact that the things that are happening around you are creating memories that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. It's obvious of course..but you don't really give it much thought.  I have so many great memories of  our trips here and of my Aunts and Uncles.  It's a huge part of our family.   As Jan and I were talking on the way home, we realized that they are pretty much what is left of our family here.  Older family members pass, and the younger ones move away.  Time changes things.  
I've always loved reminiscing, old photos, family history ect.... , which explains my love of scrapbooking.  More now than ever, I'm glad I pack my camera long with me everywhere I go.  I'm thankful for all the  amazing stories I've gotten to hear the older folks tell.  
These days I find myself listening even closer than before.

I took a stroll back thru my files on my computer of layouts from long ago and found these. I thought I'd share.They are from 2007  

 Yes, scrapbooking styles change...but I'm still so glad I have these in albums :)
The photo on the layout below is  my mom, Aunt Viv and Uncle Al as children.

This is  a layout I did of my grandma at her house in town, after they moved from the farm.

And one of my grandpa on the farm

It was a great time with family.  Making new memories and reminiscing about the old.

Thanks for stopping by.