Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sharing a new card "Grateful, blessed and so very thankful"

It's strange how card making used to be my least favorite of all crafting to do, and now I enjoy it so much.  I enjoy the process of creating the card, but I also love the idea of sending a little piece of  something I made, that I know ... for at least a bit, will make that person feel extra special.  You have to admit, any card in the mail is way more fun than an email. (unless of course if it's a dental appointment reminder) ick

Well, my camera battery charger finally came in the mail , so I could upload my photos from our trip to SD last weekend to see my Aunts and Uncle.   I thought I'd share a few.
The road below is the road to my Aunt Donna and Uncle Al's farm, which is right near where my grandparents farmed.
This place holds so many great memories for our family.

Jan and I had picked up Our Aunt Viv to bring her with us out to our Aunt and Uncles farm with us.  My Uncle Al is my Aunt Vivs brother.  They are my moms two siblings.
My parents were originally both from SD. They met and married here.  Many of my brothers and sisters were born here, before the family moved to NE.

We had such a nice visit while we were there.  I love that things always feel the same  there.  My Aunt Donna's immaculate sweet little house with sparking wood floors.  Everything about being there is always so comforting.  We could have visited all day, but needed to get headed back to meet up with our cousin Paul in the afternoon.
Paul , Aunt Viv, Jan and I took a drive in the afternoon because it was such a gorgeous day.  It was so enjoyable!

We enjoyed a beautiful scenic drive down along the river, and got out to stretch out legs now and then.

My sis Jan in the photo above and our cousin Paul in the photo below.

It's about a  4 hour drive from my house to theirs .. and add another hour plus for Jan, but the weather was gorgeous so it was the perfect time to go.  We usually try to make one last trip before winter comes rolling in. It's never good to get caught on those roads in a storm, so we don't chance it. 
My Aunt Viv and Uncle Al are both in their 90's now, but I'm amazed how they still go! They don't let much stop them.  That's how mom was also.  I miss mom so much, and when I'm around them I see so many things they do that remind me of her.     Just phrases they use, hand gestures, the way they walk, or the stories they tell. It somehow makes me feel closer to her.  I guess part of it is just being there.
 It's funny, as you're  growing up you don't really think about the fact that the things that are happening around you are creating memories that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. It's obvious of course..but you don't really give it much thought.  I have so many great memories of  our trips here and of my Aunts and Uncles.  It's a huge part of our family.   As Jan and I were talking on the way home, we realized that they are pretty much what is left of our family here.  Older family members pass, and the younger ones move away.  Time changes things.  
I've always loved reminiscing, old photos, family history ect.... , which explains my love of scrapbooking.  More now than ever, I'm glad I pack my camera long with me everywhere I go.  I'm thankful for all the  amazing stories I've gotten to hear the older folks tell.  
These days I find myself listening even closer than before.

I took a stroll back thru my files on my computer of layouts from long ago and found these. I thought I'd share.They are from 2007  

 Yes, scrapbooking styles change...but I'm still so glad I have these in albums :)
The photo on the layout below is  my mom, Aunt Viv and Uncle Al as children.

This is  a layout I did of my grandma at her house in town, after they moved from the farm.

And one of my grandpa on the farm

It was a great time with family.  Making new memories and reminiscing about the old.

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Lovely photos and thoughts!

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Thanks for sharing your sweet story.