Monday, February 29, 2016

"Pinteresting" Fancy Pants Designs

Here we are starting off a brand new week. We had such a nice warm weekend for a change here this weekend, it was beautiful.  We went out to eat with some friends Saturday night  and kind of celebrated  our Anniversary. (Which was Friday) 35 years.  It was a nice weekend to be out.  Living in NE it's a sure bet that the weather will not stay this nice...but we'll enjoy it while it's here :)

 The project I'm sharing today is a canvas I make using Fancy Pants " Happy Place" collection.   The assignment was "Pinteresting", which is basically showing  how your something about your project was inspired by an image you found on Pinterest.

I found my inspiration from this gallery wall.  I loved the neat tidy symmetrical layout, so I based my design on it.

The adorable couple in the photos is Ryan ( my nephew) and Erin ( his adorable wife).  Ryan is my sis Jan's son.  If you are a follower, you might remember seeing photos from there Colorado wedding last Summer.  If you missed them and would like to see them HERE is the wedding post.

They are the sweetest couple. Always on an adventure.  They just returned from Thailand and Myanmar.

When they aren't trailing far away, they are off Hiking the Colorado mountains with their dog "Daisy".  Yep.. they have a Daisy also :)


 In my spare time I've been working on banners for the up coming Craft Sale my friend Lynda is hosting.  I'm finishing up some banners today and then taking a break from banners to work on canvases for a while. I've got about 20 banners done now.   As you can see Lily is guarding them for me. lol  Daisy is laying just a few feet away.

I've never been one to be able to do many things exactly the same. ugh... that just gets boring way toooo fast.  So I've been mixing it up a lot.  But even with that, it's time to switch from banners to canvases for a bit.

I hope all is well with all of you.  You know I'm always so happy that you stop by.

Until next time.  Enjoy life!


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

" You are Great" card

 I have been a bad, bad blogger lately :(   The blog has gotten neglected a bit while life took over. As some of you know my dear friends husband passed away recently very unexpectedly.  It's things like that that make you stop and readjust again. Prioritize. Putting the important stuff at the top of the list again.   I know these days are hard, as will the days ahead be, for Deb.   We are all staying close to her and getting her out and about often, but her heart is hurting so much.  Please keep her in your prayers if you would.

Today I thought I share a card ( and daily photos of course :).  

I've been busy working on some banners, canvases ect for this event my friend Lynda is hosting.  I'll also be selling some vintage things.  Hope you can attend if you live near.

I was happy to have Wyatt and Emmett get to stop by for a while the other day while mom had some things to run and do. I hadn't seen them for about three weeks. I swear they had GROWN.   The dogs were so happy to have their buddy Wyatt to watch TV with. lol  Emmett thought coloring sounded more fun :)

Last weekend was Dan's work weekend so he missed out :(  but Some Jan, Keith, Brent, Diana, Nathaniel and I were going to meet up for dinner in Lincoln, so I invited Deb to join us. It was a nice evening of visiting. Really good food and the best margarita in town!

Yesterday Jan and I took a little road trip and while we were out of town we did a little junking.  I'm pretty proud of myself because I am working on narrowing down the amount of things I have so I don't come home with things like I used to. These days unless it's something I REALLY  just have to have ( or it a unreal deal).... I'm pretty good about just "looking".
I'm still really working on "uncluttered" and deciding what it is I really need to keep around here and what can go. I think I've gotten rid of a lot, and then  I look up in the garage rafters and think... huh? lol     So this Summer I'll work on it some more. I love organization.  But its so much easier if you  get rid of what you can first. I'll just keep plugging away at it I guess. ha!

Thanks for hanging in her with me. Sorry it was so long between posts.


Hugs all around!  Vicki

Friday, February 12, 2016

Sharing Fourteen Valentine Favorites

In honor of Valentines Day.. Feb 14th, I've decided to go back thru my project files and share 14 of my favorite Valentine projects that I've created in the past. They are done using different papers, stamps and embellishments, but most are created using  Fancy Pants or Crafty Secrets.products.
Hope you enjoy :)

It was fun to look back in my photo files of projects. I saw so many things from over the years that I had forgotten I'd even made.  I always LOVED this little dog stamp from Crafty Secrets.

Some treat bags.

Stamped cards set.  Stamps from Crafty Secrets.   Crafty Secrets only sells digital down loads now and CD's.   If you have not ever purchased one of their CD's you wont be disappointed... they are packed with  all kinds of great things!  You can check it out HERE

Candy bar wraps

The projects above and the cards below are also done with Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage.

This Shadowbox is one of my die designs thru AccuCut. You can see it  and as well as my other designs HERE.

Candy boxes below done with Crafty Secrets printable papers and images.

The pillow below was done with Glimmer Mist... my design , and my embroidering.

You know me.... I'm never finished unless a banner is involved. lol

Thanks for letting me share the love  XOXO


Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Valentine card inspiration

"LOVE" day is just a few days away now. I dropped my Valentines in the mail to my sisters today.  I thought I'd share some simple card inspiration with you here today.  I pulled out my some of my older Valentine collections from Fancy Pants to play with for these cards.  I love digging into past collections. Using them "as is", or mixing them with current collections.  I think these papers are adorable.           Fancy Pants Designs

Any time I get to mix aqua with red and pink, I'm a happy girl.  One of the things I love about FP collections is that you can pull projects together that look great, either keeping them really  simple like the designs of these cards...  or really getting creative and creating a very involved project.  So depending on what your in the mood for, how much time you have ...ect, they just work.
Using the sayings , borders, and stickers from the Sticker Sheet made putting these cards together super easy.

 I hope whatever you have planned for  Valentines Day , you have a wonderful time.  I don't think the Chrisman's have any big plans. lol   Maybe we'll live it up and order a pizza :)   The funny thing is, I'm not complaining.  I'm such a home body sometimes these days it's crazy.    ( At least in the winter).

I forgot to share  a few photos from the little outing my sis and I had last week. We took a drive a couple of hours from here and went thrifting, and out to lunch.  We found a few things.  Nothing major, but had a great time just hanging out together and being silly of course :)     Nothing is better than a day out and about with my sis! 

Well, I woke up EARLY today ... really early.  And I'm determined to make the best of it and get a lot done today, so I better get moving.   Please Facebook and Pinterest do not distract me! lol

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope your day is fantastic!


Friday, February 05, 2016

"Hello" Card ... and winter in Nebraska

Well, Nebraska has reminded us ...  just incase we forgot... that it can get serious about snow.  Blowing snow.. and lots of it.  We stayed inside yesterday and today.  Once the snow stopped blowing today, dad got the snowblower out and went to work, but we didn't venture out on the roads. We had prepared so there really was so reason to go out, we had everything we needed.   I thought I'd spend more time in my craft room , but for some reason I didn't.  For the first time ever that I know of, the plant where Dan works even closed so we just hung out here , watched movies and putzed around the house.
Thought I'd share one of the cards I made when I was Guest Designer for Cocoa Daisy.  There was so many gorgeous things in this kit!  Cocoa Daisy Shop
The bow is my die design from AccuCut .

The first photos I wanted to share are some that I took last week. I woke up early one morning and looked out the window to see everything was covered with this beautiful frozen fog.   I'm a night owl, so trust me .. it has to be pretty amazing for me to want to grab my camera and go out in the cold. lol   I did!    This photo is right on the corner by our house where the two county road intersect.

This was seriously like a winter wonderland.  It was SO quiet!  I wished I had boots and was dressed for it , because I really wanted to just go walking out there. It was SO beautiful.  The photo doesn't begin to capture it.

The sun came out and the sky was so blue!

Fast forward from those photos of last week to these of yesterday and today. That snow was really coming down.  And later in the night it started blowing like crazy.

We stayed in , watched movies, played with the dogs, and stayed warm.

I don't know if it's just a guy thing or what, but I have to laugh because when ever the weather is bad,  Dan walks back and forth from window to window looking out .. just like my dad used to do. lol

Dan got the drive cleared just in time.  Andrew ( family friends and neighbors up the road a few miles) called and wondered if I could watch Lyla for a bit so he could go get Kate she was stuck in Fremont.

Well, of course!  How could a turn down this sweetness?!?
She is just so adorable.

I loved every minute. She didn't card if I had no make up on , had messy hair and pajama pants on lol.  My kind of company :)

It was a great bright spot in the week.  I've started and stopped this blog post a few times with all that's been going on.  I haven't shared here but my dear friend Debs husband has been very ill. They found out just a few weeks ago he had cancer after going in with back pain.  He passed away yesterday.  My heart is just broken watching what my friend is going thru right now. I'm trying to be there for her as much as I can but I cant take that horrible hurt away.  Please keep her in your prayers.

Thank you so much.


Monday, February 01, 2016

New cards to share

Sorry I've been away for a bit. Sometimes life happens and it needs attention first :)  But here I am with a couple of  cards to share using a new AccuCut Die.   It's a super fun fold out card that has included mat shapes can be used either on the outside or inside of the card. 
* Paper and stickers used for this card are from Adornit

I did a number of samples for AccuCut using this die, but in the one below I wanted to show how it could be used to send a photo. For and announcement or just for fun.
( that adorable little family in the photo is my niece Neely, her husband Alan, and new baby Tennessee :)

I love how the mats can be cut for use on the inside or the outside of the card.  Sorry, I always try to list the papers, but this was a mix of this and that. The stamps are from Pink Persimmon.

This is a super fun folding card, I'm sure I'm going to be using a lot :)

Last week I spent time straightening up in my work space.  I am working on some scrapbooks for someone and I need a table in my room to dedicate just to that.  It was time to get things tidy and in order before I bring in a bunch more stuff to work on their things.  I have a lot of stuff in a not so big space.. so keeping things organized for me is a big thing. Otherwise is chaos the minute I start digging in to supplies looking for what I need.  It's a pretty big job that I took on ... fingers crossed!

Everyone is bracing themselves for this big storm we are supposed to get tonight.  We never really know until it's happening do we. lol   I always just worry about everyone who has to be out on the roads.  My guys AND everyone else. I'm sure Kate ( our daughter in law who is a teacher, will have a snow day).  At least I wont have to worry about her on the roads.  Dan and the boys both have a commute to work that worries me. Everyone stay safe.

As for us.... we will stay in and hold down the fort.
( see Daisy photobombing Lily) lol

I'm hoping to get some scrapbook pages done.  If I don't get inspired I will just snuggle with the pups on the couch with a good book or a movie.  I'm okay with that also :)

Thanks for popping over .... it means so much to me.