Monday, March 28, 2016

"Wonderful Day" Card Trio

Hello Friends!
Hoping you all had a wonderful Easter.  It was a different one for us, as we are celebrating in two weeks with our large family get together, since that's when our Florida family will be back. It was strange for it to be so low key around here yesterday. We are really  looking forward to our gathering with family that's coming soon.  Happy  to have my sis coming for a visit!
I haven't  spent much time in my studio at all lately.  I've been doing some Spring cleaning and just keeping busy with life stuff. I did sit down do a little card making last night and it was so relaxing.

I dug into the Fancy Pants "Wonderful Day" Collection. Again, not a new one..but one of my favorites.  It's funny, I was thinking as I was choosing papers, how much my tastes have changed over the years. I used to stay away from bright colors. I loved only pastels. Vintage for sure... but Shabby vintage.  Now I love bright bold colors. Almost a vintage retro vibe.  I've always loved mixing patterns, that has never changed.   Years ago before I started to lean toward mostly vintage, I used to used everything and a anything .. and never let myself really get set in a certain style.  I was designing for a kit club then, and I loved that each month was a new challenge.  .  Each month is new and different product ... and if it's a good kit club... it's filled with new products that challenge you.  I'm so thankful for that time. I learned a lot and pushed myself to try new things.
When I started designing for Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage..... my love for vintage got a chance to shine with all that beautiful product.
All thru that time I designed for Fancy Pants and have always loved each of their Collections.  It's been 11+ years that I've been working with FP and  I can honestly say I think I'm loving them now more than ever.

Wednesday is Amy ( Wes's sweetie) s birthday, so this card will be for her.

Speaking of Amy... her parents are here visiting from CA this past week so we met up and had dinner to meet them.  Such nice people. Why didn't I remember to take a photo?  I'm slipping.
They brought us some YUMMY Florida oranges and lemons from their trees and they were SO good!


I need to run to get a couple of things, but thought .. oh, I"ll just run to the Mini Mart instead of driving the 20 minutes to Fremont to the store, since I just need a couple of things.  Our little town doesn't have a grocery store but the Mini Mart ( gas station) is kind of like a mini grocery store.  It actually carries Meat, product ect... and the prices aren't that bad. 
On the edge of town a Dollar General is about to open. Everyone seems so happy about it. I'm kind of like :(
I like living in a charming "little" town.
I really don't mind waiting behind a tractor. lol

Why wont anyone just let me have my slow paced life?? lol  Yesterday I laid down on the couch to take a little snooze .. and had this face in mine staring at me to get up the entire time. ugh!


Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Chick goes Cluck! Spring Card

There seems to be a lot going on and Easter is coming fast. Hello Spring! It's just a busy time isn't it.  I'm pretty excited because my sis from Florida will be coming for a visit, as well as my niece and nephew and their families. We will be having our Easter/Spring family gathering two weeks later so we can all be together. So looking forward to see them all!
I have been busy with other things and haven't spent much time in my room creating.  I did make a quick Spring card the other day.

St Patricks Day was fun. Wes and Amy had a get together at their house.  Dan and I went for a bit earlier in the afternoon and evening and then headed home.  They kids had plans to go to an Irish Pub up the street.
(Time for the old folks to head home lol)

I always make corned beef and cabbage on St Patrick's Day. Amy and Wes had also made to big pots full for their guests.

The host and hostess :)

I made some "green" key lime cupcakes  to take to Amy and Wes's party. Just a mix. I had never made them, but they were sure a hit.  Wes was laughing because I made so many...but I don't think there were hardly any left :)

I love this photo of the kids. It was Amy's photo.  I snagged it from FB, I knew she wouldn't mind :) Obviously it was later when they were at the Irish Pub.

I hope you all had a lucky day of the green!

I'll be back soon.  Thanks for sticking with me with my lapses between posts :)  Hugs all round!


Monday, March 07, 2016

"Spring" projects

I've defiantly been breaking out the "Springy" papers and paint colors this week.  The nice warmer weather and sunny days that have been teasing us with a taste of Spring has me SO OVER winter!  I've actually been able to have a couple of windows open during the day. Yippee!
I pulled out my Fancy Pants Designs "It's the Little Things" Collection for this altered frame project. I LOVE this color combo, and that floral pattern is just so pretty!

This 3D flower die is from AccuCut.  Three sizes that layer together to make this beautiful dimensional flower. F1029
And the bow die is one of my die designs from AccuCut
Bows VC106

I took a break from working on Spring banners for the upcoming craft sale that my friend Lynda is hosting at the North Bend City Auditorium March 19th and started working on some canvases.  Still working away on them :)

For someone without any grandchildren I was lucky to have a week filled with cute kids at my house :)  Wyatt and Emmett were here to spend the day on Thursday.  Emmett told me he was wearing his new "Farmer Pants" lol    He looks kind of proud, don't you think?

So I had to laugh when we decided to make brownies and he was putting everything in rows. lol
Just like a farmer planting crops.  The kid cracks me up. Let me tell you , before he was finished, those brownies had some serious goodies on them! wow! lol
Then Saturday, sweet baby Lyla was here.   She was at the gate here, having serious conversation with Daisy and Lily.  She is just the most easy going little one. Totally enjoyed the time I got to spend with her.

On top of working on things for the sale, I've been working on going thru closets. Where does this stuff keep coming from?? I keep thinking I get rid of stuff and should have more room :(     It's never ending .  I keep trying to simplify, and get rid of things I really don't need, instead of keeping things, thinking someday I MIGHT need it. The house we lived in before was a big old two story. It had a full basement AND a walk in attic. This house is a two story...but no basement and not attic.   Which I keep thinking this a good thing... because it will force me to have less.....but...... sometimes space management for storage is a challenge for me.  I organize and re-organize.  I'm getting pretty good about getting rid of things ... and even about bring home new thrift treasures like I used too... unfortunately Dan is one of those guys who ( because he can fix things) says... "save that, I'll fix it".  That's great, except, he doesn't have time to fix all those things... so they just take up space.:(        Access - Purge- Organize     I will continue my mission. lol 
My hope is to just have things we really need and USE.

Okay.... time to go outside and enjoy this gorgeous weather. 

I'll leave you with this beautiful video from Joey and Rory Feek.  If you aren't aware of who they are... they are an amazing musical couple that sing the most beautiful country and hymns.  Joey lost her long hard battle with cervical cancer this week. I have loved following their story thru Rorys blog THIS LIFE I LIVE. I have just fallen in love with them and their entire family.  I feel just heart broken for them all.   They're new CD can be purchased at Cracker Barrel .  My sis Jan pick one up for both her and I, and it is just full of beautiful hymns.    Please Keep them in your prayers. 

Thanks for stopping by