Friday, April 22, 2016

Gift and fundraiser basket ideas

I hope it was a great week for all of you! It was a rainy one here. I'm ready for some Sunshine! We are getting a bit today... so yay for that!
It was a good week for inside projects. I thought I'd share the Gift baskets I worked on this week.  My friend Julie hired me to put together a couple of gift baskets for her for an upcoming fundraiser . "Run Wild for a Child" ( I'll tell you more about it below with a link).   I love doing these sorts of things, and I had a few ideas in keeping with Children/Family, them but decided to scan Pinterest as well.  OH MY!  I was just blown away by the creative ideas for things like this I saw on Pinterest.  I was so inspired. I couldn't wait to get started.
   I looked up cupcake sayings and found one that said "be a Beautiful Cupcake in a world of muffins" and I knew I had to use that. I switched it out in photoshop with the saying that was on this free printable I found.
I loved the idea mom/child baking activity. Something fun for both of them.Mom gets some fun new colorful baking utensils and a Pioneer Woman kitchen towel and the kits get the fun of decorating cupcakes and baking with mom ( or dad).  And who doesn't love cupcakes? right?

For the second one I was wanting it to be a "Summer starter kit" for kits. At least that's what I had floating around in my brain.  I was just going to use a sand pail but I knew I couldn't get much in it. Then I saw the idea of a plastic chair being use.  Genius!   Now I have room for things :)   I had no idea how much the chairs were but found them at Hobby Lobby for around $7 ... and then used my 40% off Cupon.    Oh yesss it did. lol
Hobby Lobby had a lot of their Summer kid stuff on sale. Then picked up some at Target and the Dollar store.
You know me and banners.... it HAD to have one. lol
I hope this makes some little one happy :)

The Event is "Run Wild for a Child"
It's a 5K/Family Fun Walk. The purpose of the event is to raise awareness in the community on the needs of young children and their families and to recognize the early childhood programs and services that meet these needs in Fremont and Dodge County.
 You can find out more about it or Register Online here

Like I was saying ... lots and lots of rain.
the ditches along side the country roads are just full.  Still water in the one in front of the house today. I know we needed it tho so hopefully it settles in so the farmers can get back into the fields to plant soon.

This little one has been keeping me busy also.  Poor Lily has so many tummy troubles. I am sure that is why she never stayed long at a home before we got her at the rescue. Anything upsets her digestive system which causes her potty troubles at times.There are also some other things about that , that cause the Vet to think there is either a neurological issue adding to it or something from a previous injury .  Between her prescription food and antibiotics we do okay with flair ups from time to time. I feel so sorry for her.  We love her so much and would never ever consider giving her up. I don't know how anyone could .   But but what little bit we know of her history makes sense now.   Some people just didn't want to deal with it, it was easier just to get rid of her.  Well.... she gets treating like a princess here.  It's actually kind of

Thanks as always for coming by and listening to me ramble. Love ya :)

Monday, April 18, 2016

Just for fun..... and our family gathering for Easter

It's been a long time since I've worked with digital anything.  And although my digital skills are very limited, I don't want to forget what I do know, because even if I don't do digital layouts a lot, just knowing how to do a few things in Photoshop is handy for so many other things. It's good to use them so I don't forget how.    PNG's are so easy, because you just drag them over and add them to whatever your working on.  My layouts are never complex... just simple but I enjoy working on something like this ,especially late at night when I'm trying to relax. I can be creative without taking out a ton of supplies and having a mess to clean up.
I found this great site called Pixel Scrapper where you can download fun things for free.  (I think it's like five per day).  When you join, you get to pick one free kit also.  I chose the kit that I used to create the layout below I did of my mom and dad. 

AND.... then there are even some super cute layouts already put together for you like the one below, if you just want to be able to add your own photos.  I think this layout is adorable.  I added photos of my nephew Ryan and is sweet wife Erin.
all I had to do was add the photos :)

Like I said, I just recently ran across this sight and was impressed so thought I'd share.


I had so many photos that I wanted to share I couldn't cram there all into my last post without it being totally  overwhelming. lol  We had waited until last weekend to have our Easter get together so that we could celebrate with our Florida family that would be here also.  We were SO looking forward to seeing them and for us all to be together.
As usually we rented the Senior Center building here in NB.  It's a nice building and it works so well for us to all fit and be comfortable.  There is just too many of us these days for any of our homes to accommodate.
I went over early to set up and had printed off several old family photos for each of the tables.  I have found this always makes for great conversations and reminiscing over wonderful memories.   It seems like every time I do this I hear more and more stories I had never heard before.  Everyone seems to love it. I get the biggest kick out of seeing people picking up the photos and taking them over to their kids or someone else and chatting with them ... asking them if they remember this? or that? Sharing stories and memories.

There is nothing like being together with family.  Especially those we don't get to see as often as we'd like.  I think the photo below says more about that than any words ever could.

My family is full of amazing cooks so this day is a perfect combination of all those talents pulled into one delicious meal :)  Everyone brings something and as my mom would say.... "there's enough food here to feed an Army!" 

We spend the entire day there ..lunch and dinner, so we put a pretty good dent in it. lol

Love having all of us together.
Dan Chatting with Jarad and Kate

For those of you who have been following my blog for many years, holiday photos are a good time for me to catch you up on some of the kids.   Well, this is Nathanial.  I know! How do they grown up so fast?  He graduated from high school in the Fall.  What an amazing guy!

Haley ( Griffins little sis)  and Kirstyn are growing into beautiful young ladies.
And our little Griffin is NOT so little any more at all.

The kids had a Easter egg hunt.

We all walked over to the park across the street with the kids to do a traditional egg game with Diana used to to as a child in Mexico and now shares with us.

These eggs she makes  are a labor of love for sure!!  She saves eggs all thru the year. ( when she uses them for baking ect, she just breaks out the bottom, then rinses them out and lets them dry)   Then she fills each one with confetti. Closes the end, I think by gluing tissue paper over it. And then hand paints them ALL.

So the game is, that you have to tag the person and smash the egg over their head. That's right... smash the eggs :(    After all that work.      At first it's just a painful thought.  Thinking about all those beautiful eggs being smashed and all her hard work... gone.  But when you see how much everyone enjoys it and all the memories that are made while they're doing it.... you can put that aside a bit easier.

She is just a treasure to your family, and we are so blessed that she shares this part of her childhood with us.

and then ...these

now you know what I meant about "Labor of Love"

I got so caught up watching and laughing ( and guarding my own head) that I didn't get many photos of the kids.  But as you can see it's as much fun for the adults :)

I'm sure if you asked anyone there who they thought enjoyed it all the most, they would say Austin.  Him enjoying the eggs as much as he did, made us all HAPPY!!  Austin's Autism makes trips like this away from home and away from his routine sometimes difficult and uncomfortable for him.  But let me tell you he was LOVING every minute of this activity!!  Just watching him love it so much had us all smiling!

I also loved that when he got on the Merry go Round..... he was never alone.   We are all kids at heart right?  Even my sis ( his grandma) jumped on.  ( That's her in the lime green).

Did I mention I love seeing my son happy also :)

Wes and Amy

I just cant stop my self when I start sharing photos. My  love of photography and of family blend together and just take me away. lol   Thanks so much for letting me share a little bit of my life and my family with you.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

"Good Vibes Only" Fancy Pants sign and photos from our SD trip

 I everyone!  It's been a fun, busy time this last couple weeks. Enjoying every minute of the time my sis has been here visiting from Florida.  I haven't been in my studio spending an creating time at all, but I do have a project to share that I recently had posted on the Fancy Pants Designs Blog.  This project is done using the Happy Place Collection.

I am loving this 3-D flower die from AccuCut ! I'm so glad I purchased it.  I'm using it like crazy.

I picked up the board I did this on at Hobby Lobby. If you haven't had a chance to look lately...boy do they have a lot of cool new wood shapes for fun surfaces to create projects.

Like I said, I have been enjoying every minute with my sis while she's been here in NE  visiting. There are seven of us kids. Sharon is the second oldest and I'm the youngest. By the time I was born, she was married and out of the house. When you have siblings with significant age differences, when your growing up... of course you love each other and you spend time together at holidays ect, but  your just at different places in your lives. The age different seem so much more noticeable than is does when you get older.  As you get older the age difference seems to fade away. It's so great to spend time together as adults. This visit has been so wonderful.

My sisters Jan, Sharon and I decided to head for SD to visit our Aunts and Uncle who are all in their 90's now.  We would have loved if Donna our sis from AZ could have been with us also :(   That would have made it perfect.
We learned that we have plenty in common.... like over packing. lol

We chatted and laughed the entire 4 hours to SD.   It was amazing!
We have made this trip hundreds of times over the years, as kids with our parents , and then with our own families. So  we reminisced as we passed many of the landmarks along the way.  Like this old windmill and well, with the flag painted on it.   South Dakota is where our family originally came from before moving to NE.   I was born in NE, but Jan and Sharon were born in SD.  Our parents met and married there.  Our Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins are all from SD.

 This place holds a piece of all our hearts for sure.

We spend time driving around looking at buildings that held memories for us and talking about those memories. It's always fun to hear other peoples memories from the places you know.  This is the old School. Sharon went to school here.    This is a VERY small town.  You can easily walk anywhere you need to go. Where mom and dad and the kids lived was just down the street.

We spent lots of time chatting it up with the Aunts and Uncle.  Sitting at the breakfast table at Aunt Viv's and talking about the good ol days .. is THE BEST!

My sis is the most energetic person for her age that I have ever know. That girl just goes and goes. She's amazing.

We pretty much hated to see the trip end. It was just a time filled with new memories made.

It's amazing tho... just spending time with someone you love, and don't get to see often ...doing anything is just the best!  When we got home we put on our pj's and just watched tv and chilled that night, and even that was so great!  I never get to have my sis here just to lay around and chill.  It's hard to think about her heading home tomorrow ..but I'm so thankful for this amazing time.


Tonight I'm helping my friend Gabby with Prom photos at the High School. I cant wait.  How fun to see all these kids having fun and making memories.

We also had our belated Easter family get together and I have so many photos I want to share.  I'll have to save them for the next post. lol

Monday, April 04, 2016

Spring banner

Hey everyone!
I'm getting things done today... and enjoying this beautiful sunny day.  It's amazing how much more energy I seem to have when it's nice and sunny, instead of just more of the winter greys.  YAY... sunshine!   Even tho I did have a dentist appointment this afternoon :(       Still, it's sunny, so I'm HAPPY!
I've been trying to get some things done around here so I haven't been spending as much time creating ..but I thought I'd share this "Spring" Banner I made.   There are some super cute free printable out there  days... and this is one of them .   You can find it here at Happiness is Homemade
Thank you so much "Happiness is Homemade" for sharing your talent. I used her basic design and just made individual letters for a banner instead of one larger one with the saying.

I just added my own letter to the center.

I had it hanging off the sofa table in the photo above just to take the picture. I actually have it hanging near the back door as you come in the house.. and I love how cheery it is.
I little simple pretty to brighten things up after a long winter :)

This past week was Amy's birthday. Wes surprised her a couple of days away at Arbor Lodge. Sounds like they had a great time.  

They must have hiked enough that they got thirsty. lol

Looking  forward to seeing them ... Jarad and Kate and the rest of the extended family at our belated Easter get together this weekend.   Our sis from Florida and her family will be here also, so it will be extra special.

This morning my little buddy came over and stayed here instead of going to daycare because he wasn't feeling good. He has an ear infection :(    Even tho he wasn't feeling tip top.. he was as good as can be.  I told him he was going to take a nap at day care because I had to go to the dentist, and that mommy would pick him up. He was sure" I" was supposed to be picking him up. He almost had me convinced. lol    Nothing like a three year old to make you question yourself. lol

I'll leave you with these wise words that I saw on Pinterest and love so much

The next week or two will be fill with family ... and I'm SO looking forward to it!