Friday, November 25, 2016

Fancy Pants Designs"Golden Fall Day's" layout

Here I am  sitting writing a blog post as I enjoy a turkey sammich lol thinking how did that happen so fast?  I have been looking forward to Thanksgiving and being with family for some time now. .. and it's already over! I think it's been the same since I was a kid... always let down that it's all over so fast when it comes to holidays. I look forward to them for so long and then boom .. they're over.  The good thing is that Christmas will be here before we know it.  This year we did something a little different again. Since many of us have kids/grandkids in different parts of the country now  .. wanting to spend holidays with them, and knowing they usually cant make it back for both Thanksgiving AND Christmas, we've decided to focus on Christmas as our big gathering here. This Thanksgiving our family was spread out...thru Colorado, Arizona, Florida, Missouri , Texas, and Nebraska.

We had our Thanksgiving here with our kids on Wednesday since Wes and Amy had to work on Thursday. We gathered here Wednesday late afternoon and had Thanksgiving dinner together.  We also had My nephew Brent and his wife Diana here with us.  It was a really nice time.  I'll share some photos below, but for now  I'll share  may last Fall   project of the season.

This is a layout done with the Fancy Pants Designs "Golden Day's Collection", which I have to say, was one of my very favorites from Fancy Pants.

 I had been wanted to do some pages using photos from the trip with took to the Outer Banks, and this collection was perfect for that, as it was Fall when we went.

Oh, how wish I could wake up and go sit out here watch the sun come up on the ocean again.  It was AMAZING!

I'm telling you.. for me there is just nothing better than the smell of a turkey cooking as your home fills with people you love as much as I love these.  Such a nice time.  With the kids crazy work scheduled, it's rare that we all  can be together at the same time.  We were happy that Brent and Diana said yes, when we invited them to come be with us for the day. This was Nathaniel's (their son) first Holiday not at home.  He is now in college in AZ.  Boy do I remember what that feels like when the last one leaves the nest.:(
It's hard , especially on holidays.  We did Facetime with Nathaniel later in the night, so that was nice.  He was in great hands there, having dinner with the AZ family, and I know my sis was in heaven, getting to have him there to spend the holiday with them.   I know he got lots of love and a belly full of yummy food.
When I talked to my sis the day before, she was making Grandmas famous Apple Dumplings. I told him he would not be lacking when it came to yummy food, because sis is a amazing cook.
We had plenty to eat here also. I made Turkey, stuff, potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, cranberry salad, pumpkin pies and pumpkin dessert.  Diana brought broccoli casserole, moms special Sweet Potato Casserole and deviled eggs.
( note: I told Wes if he didn't stop with the goofy faces when I was taking pictures, that I was just going to start  posting them lol  ... so he was warned) lol
I don't know who Jarad managed to run from the camera :(

Nathaniel may have been in AZ this Thanksgiving but he still manages to make his Aunties heart happy with these pretty flowers.  I love that kid!

I look ruff in the photo, I know.  No makeup for one thing but it had not been the best of weeks for me.  I had the worst toothache I have ever had in my life,  that had started last Thursday.  I had gotten my teeth cleaned on Tuesday and I think it just really worked up a tooth I was waiting to get into the Endodontist for, for a root canal.     The dentist put me on some  antibiotics  but  they just weren't doing the trick.  So... long story short...  there was a change in the antibiotics, pain pills didn't work,  day's and nights of pacing the floor in pain, which triggered a migraine.  Luckily it was Dan's weekend off, because Saturday night he ended up taking me into the emergence room. The migraine on top of the tooth pain was making me very sick.   Five different shots in my bum at the ER and I was pain free.... FOR a whopping TWO HOURS :(     and it was right back to square one.  At that point I just did what I could do to make it until I could get into an Endodontist in Omaha for a  root canal on Tuesday!  I was SO RELIEVED when that was over and the pain was gone.  Tired but relieved. Remember I was having Thanksgiving the next day.. on Wed.   Everyone  kept saying .. just let it go.. and go out to eat.   I have a lot of my dads strongheadedness. lol  We WERE having Thanksgiving come hell or high water. lol   
We pulled it off and it was a great day!  ( Thanks to everyone for helping out!)  I asked Wes to do the vaccuming upstairs.  ( I get they wont arrive early every again. lol)

Since it was Wednesday night and one of the kids friends Band was playing back in his home town, they kids ran up to the bar for a bit to see him and listen a bit.  Dylan Bloom Band
Love this photo of our kids.

I had a craft planned for us girls for later in the night also.  It was really fun.  I'll be doing a blog post with photos and the link to how to make them later this week.

What ever your Thanksgiving plans were, I hope they are all you were hoping for. I think if we all stop and think... we all have so much to be thankful for.  I know, I do.

I am also thankful for all of you!  Thankful for your friendship!

Thanks for stopping by and checking  in.


Monday, November 14, 2016

Fancy Pants Designs (Golden Days) Card Trio

Hello!! Here we are, jumping head first into a brand new week. I hope it's a great one for all of us.
I can not believe what a absolutely beautiful Fall we are having. It has been SO nice!  I know winter weather is just around the corner, but I'm pushing those thoughts away and just enjoying these amazing days.
This "Golden Days Collection" from Fancy Pants Designs, pretty much sums up the feel of this Fall for me.
This is such a pretty collection.
Today I thought I'd share three cards I created with this collection.

This set even has a matching stamp set.  I used some of them on the card below.  I stamped the design along the top with Gold ink.   The leaves and the tee pee, I stamped with dark blue on patterned paper and cut out to add to the card.  The feather is a piece of acetate ephemera from the collection. There are also "Colored Printed Cork stickers with this collection. ( I used to small cork pieces in the upper left corner of this card.)

Here you can see where I stamped the tee pee and leaves on patterned papers for cutting.

Lot of cute ephemera pieces , words and fun Enamel Dots to use on your projects.

The word "love" is one of the Puffy Foil Stickers..  For the feathers, I stamped them with gold embossing powder and then cut them out to add to the card design.

Here is a close up.

Today I walked into my studio and realize just how much the view had changed in the last month or so. No more beautiful green field...but beautiful Nebraska non the less.

I have been in my studio a bunch lately. Working on assignments but also working on layouts I'm doing for hire for someone for their grandchildren.  There are A LOT of photos, so it's been hard for me to remember to keep the layouts simple so I can keep working my way thru the  photos  to be finished sometime this decade. lol. There are nine grandchildren so thast a lot of layouts that need to be done. The good thing is that any of the children are together in the photos, and Grandma and her daughter run a copy business... that means that copies can be made for each childs album.  Cool huh? :)

The dogs have also been enjoying the nice weather.  I was looking or Dan the other day and couldn't find him. I opened the door and there is was sitting outside with Lily. lol  Sometimes Lily just needs a little extra love and attention time. lol

I don't want to forget to tell you about the "Gratitude Movement" happening the week in the "ADORNit Art Play Group" on Facebook.  Please come join  the group on FB and have some fun with us.  It's a create place for creativity ... and there's a giveaway (yay)

Okay, time to get back to work. There are layouts to be made. lol

I love this....

Powerful words

Hoping your week is amazing!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Card trio and some photos from our girls craft day

Hey there! Hope you are all doing well.  Today I decided to share a few simple cards I created with the Authentique "Cheerful Collection"  I think we could all you some of that this week. It's a fun collection for sure.

I love having a  stash of cards in a box in my craft room that I can go to, to send a little note to a friends.  My card box is pretty low these days, so these will be going in :)   I love sending snail mail! Who doesn't love getting something nice in the mail?

This Collection as some super cute images for sure.  I'm going to be working on some layouts with this  collection for a friend, using photos of her grandchildren.

Last week before Halloween, our group of crafty girls met at my Sisters house in Lincoln.  We worked on felt  flowers for burlap Fall Canvases. (Similar to the one, that I shared on my blog earlier.) Of course they are a creative bunch so everyone put their own spin on it.
If you're  interested you can check out the blog post I did a while back HERE, showing other felt flowers.

Like I mentioned in that earlier post... there are LOTS of great felt flower tutorials on YouTube and they are so easy!

I love crafting time with these girls!! We talked and talked and talked, and them laughed about how we were texting so much as a group later that evening. ... as if we hadn't gotten all our talking out. lol  Julie couldn't make it this time, and of course we missed having her there.  We were thrilled Diana was able to join us this time.

 Here are some more of the felt flowers.

I just cant tell you how much I enjoy these days crafting with these ladies.  It's like therapy! lol

Oh, and then there's this.   My sis always out does her self.

It's a casual day makup, so I look sicky. lol    Oh well, they love me even without makeup. lol
Boy am I bless to have these amazing women in my life!

What else have I been up to?  Well, this little sweetie,(Lyla) is turning two!  I was at their farm yesterday to take her two year photos and  photos of the three of them as a family. ( I should say "Four of them ") Yes, Lyla is going to be a big sister.

This child is so adorable!

Andrew and Kate are such amazing parents.  You can just see the love in their eyes when they look at Lyla.

For those of you who don't know ...  Andrew and Kate are friends of our kids.  Wes and Andrew went to College together.  They ended up buying a farm just a few miles up the road from us.  Although Lyla isn't our Grandchild, she calls me Grandma Vicki, and I'm telling you, I love her so much!   Her and Wyatt and Emmett make me feel like a Grammy :)    I'm so lucky to have them all living so close.

It just couldn't have been a nicer day for taking photos.  I LOVE their farm!

 And I love them.

Families like this give me so much hope for the future.

 I'm hoping you have a fantastic weekend! I'm planning to try to make some progress on the layouts I need to work on. Wish me luck on that. lol 

Hugs all  around!

Sunday, November 06, 2016

ADORNit "OWL" Thank you card and Fall decor

Just me working with my ADORNit Art Play images again. lol  I know, I know, I'm obsessed. lol  Really I have been doing other things, I promise.  Actually my crafty girls met up for projects at my sisters in Lincoln Friday and I have lots of photos to share of that in my next post.   I wanted to do a post sharing home decor for Fall, just because I usually do that with each Season.. and I thought this little Fall Owl card would  be a good one for my Fall post.
I wanted to tell you something, because it is what was holding me back from coloring images for a long time. I know I've talked about it in previous posts but I can't tell you enough how much more I loved coloring when I started coloring these Art Play images, and when I took some of the pressure of myself.   You do not have to be a master of copic markers or a great watercolor artist to enjoy coloring these and making fun things with them. I have been using Sharpies, chalk, watercolor, colored pencils and any things else that I want on these.  This one was done with Sharpies. Sometimes regular size and some times fine point.  You can find them at Walmart, Target,  Staples, ect  They are not expensive and last and last. Super easy to use, and the colors are bright and fun.   For the blue background I just used Chalk.  If you have been crafting for a long time, I bet you still have a tray of chalk. Everyone used it back in the day.
I love the watercolor paper these are printed on .. it's such a great weight!
When I'm relaxing before bed, it's fun to just come in my room and color one of these images. They are fun and relaxing. ... oh.. and addicting. lol

It's been a pretty low key weekend around here. Actually I thought I was getting sick.  I had such a sore throat Friday night and all day Saturday.  I'm feeling better today. I  have come to the conclusion it allergies.
They have been cutting the fields right next to the house.  As you can see in the photo below.... it's stirred up a crazy amount of dust!   This photo was taken last night out of my dinning room window.  I usually shut the house up like Fort Knox when they start cutting right next to the house each year.   It always gets to me, some years more than others.  It seems to have settled now, and I seem to be feeling better, so fingers crossed.

I thought I'd share a few Fall Decor photos with you, as I usually do each change of season.  I love decorating for the different seasons but I'm not sure if it's just my style or my (getting older) lol  That is making me like to keep it more simple. lol

Maybe part of it is my age, because everything I put out, in the back of my mind I know .. .will have to be PUT AWAY.. lol
Instead of a banner I wanted a little string of pom poms to hang on my china  cabinet.  ( I have a paper banner above my kitchen sink).  All the Fall things are on sale 40% off at Hobby Lobby, so I just brought a couple of bags of Fall colored pom poms and used a needle to string them on some cream embroidery thread.  I liked them so much I made one for the bathroom mirror also.

Found some little orange light to add to this Fall greenery.

This is on the end of my kitchen counter.

 I found this sweet "gather" metal cut out on sale at HL the other day also.

This old dresser used to be Dan's grandmas. I actually use it in the dinning room for table clothes, runners, napkins place mats ect.

I love, love , love Apothecary jars of any kind.  My friend Becky was getting rid of some of hers  and gave them to me. This was one them.   I am a big fan of battery operated candles.  They really look real these days, and the batteries last a long time.   I have my Fall scented candles of course, but they are usually on the kitchen counter..... away from wagging doggy tails. lol

Mud room by the back door.  I was about to toss this grapevine wreath ,but I pulled out some silk flowers I had and gave it a facelift instead.

I haven't really done much with the Front porch since I put away the Halloween stuff.  Out here (especially when they are cutting the field.... everything gets SO dusty out there)

This is the wreath on the front of the house. ( I have to take the leaf blower to it every once in a while to get the dust off also).
I have some pumpkins on the back deck just outside the French doors so I have something "Fallish" to look at when you look out there.  I used our garden owl as part of the decor. lol  Really freaked the dogs out at first. lol

Oh.. and look at this little addiction to my decor. lol  Lyla was here to play on Thursday.  She is so sweet and is growing up SO fast!

Those baby blues never change!

I'll be back in my next post to share photos from our "Girls Craft Day".  It was so fun!
If  you blog, leave the link to your blog in the comments. I'd love to pop over and see what you've been up too.
If you don't blog, always feel  free to leave me a comment letting me know what your up to. I LOVE hearing what's going on in your lives.  Big or small!

Hugs all around!