Saturday, December 17, 2016

It's time for baking!

Yes, it's that time of year, when most of us do more baking than we do any other time during the year. So this post is dedicated to your sweet tooth lol.
I do love to bake. I've cut back a lot over the years. I used to make many different kids.  Our boys ( along with Dan) just aren't sweet eaters. I, on the other hand AM!  If it's in the house I don't leave it a lone.( and just because it's in the freezer doesn't  mean it's safe). lol   It is still fun to bake tho, and I love giving baked goodies as gifts as well as taking it to our big family gathering Christmas Eve.
Here is a idea for individual cookie bags.  I used Kraft bags from Fancy Pants Designs and the new Merry & Bright Collection make them festive!

There are so many super cute pieces in the Ephemera Pack with this collection.
This collection is beautiful! Great patterns and colors!  I punched a couple of different sizes of circles out of my papers scraps to create the garland.  I just machine stitched them together.

These fun little bags didn't take any time at all to put together, and I really like the way they turned out.

If you would like to read more about these, you can see my entire post on the Fancy Pants Designs Blog HERE


 Since I'm talking about baking, I wanted to mention a bit to you about the "Pie Turtle" I told you about in my last post HERE
It's a new endeavor my friend Julies' daughter Michelle has started.  It's quite clever!

Well, they have officially begun their Kickstarter Campaign!
This video will tell you all about what   Don't let your pie slide

Here you can see all the pans that will fit in the Pie Turtle.

It's pretty amazing.


As long as I'm talking about baking, I should share a couple of photos from today.  I watched  Emmett at his house today and we made cookies and decorated them.  He was pretty excited about it.  I had quite an assortment of sprinkles, and trust me... he put them to good use. lol 
I was busy cleaning up a bit when he was decorating his last cookie, so when he said, "I'm just going to add a few more sprinkles to mine ok"?   I just keep cleaning up and said. "ok".    When I turned around he was sitting there with this sightly nervous look on his face, then grinned. My eyes were quickly drawn down to  his cookie.  There is was in all its glory.... with sprinkles seriously piled an inch high.   I convinced him we needed to tip some of those sprinkles off on to a few other cookies..  He agreed that would be fine. ( hey you cant fault the kid for trying) lol
The cookie he's eating in the photo below is after we dumped off what we could of the big pile right in the center.  

He seriously cracks me up.

It was bitterly cold today with freezing rain and snow.  Emmett and I were just oblivious to it all.  Just busy in the kitchen baking cookies.

We don't have any grandbabies yet, but I'm lucky to have some pretty special wee ones around to keep me smiling.
Speaking of smiling.  I am so excited for my sis Jan ( and brother in law Keith).  Their little grandson Tennessee and his mommy and daddy will be back in NE for Christmas.   Tennessee just turned one in October so this is going to be a fun Christmas for all of them.  Oh, and did I mention... I CAN NOT WAIT to see them!!

The count down is really on now. Christmas is coming fast.  You'll be hearing from me again soon because I have some Christmas projects I need to post this week.

It's a busy time of year.  But I keep telling myself to remember too slooooooooow down and just enjoy it!
It's so easy to just get focused on all that needs to get done.  I try to remind myself that it will be okay even if it  doesn't all get done.  ( I'm usually the only one who notices if something doesn't get done anyway).   We put too much pressure on ourselves.  I say let the dusting wait.  Put your feet up, light a candle and relax with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, watch an old black and white Christmas movie, .. or just enjoy the lights of your tree. It's all over so quckly....    so enjoy it

My dad will have been gone 30 years come Thursday and my mom 4 years just into January.  I miss them so much always, but especially this time of year.  Doing things like making moms cookies  with my sis or taking a drive to look at Christmas lights one night , are the traditions a really cherish . Those things are the things I will always make time for. So I'm telling myself, ... do whats important, what makes my heart happy at Christmas , and anything else that gets done is just a bonus. 

I'll be back with a couple for things to post this week before Christmas.  Thanks for taking time to stop by.



Susie W. said...

I am so much like you, in respect to trying to "get it all done"! My sister keeps having to remind me to take time for me. Slow down. Very good advice!
Just this morning, on facebook I came across a beautiful song and video about missing those loved ones who have passed...especially this time of year. I shared it and tagged my sister. January 1st will be the 2 year anniversary of her husband's passing. Yes, we have to remember to carry on the traditions that have a deep meaning and memories for us. I loved you photos of cookie baking (and eating!) with Emmett. He is adorable!
Oh...and of course, I love your treat bags. So sweet!
Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

So excited for you about the baby coming home! I know you will spoil him. Love the Fancy Pants bags. Adorable designs you did and what a fun way to share the goodies. I think about my folks at this time of year also. They have been gone a long time and yet, I still miss them. Can't wait to see the rest of your projects! I, much like you, feel time is important to spend relaxing and enjoying people. If anyone wants to meet my dust, I will introduce them! Hugs and Merry Christmas Vic!

Jill Norwood said...

Sweet cookie photos! Looks like lots of fun! Tim and I bake a batch of cut out cookies each year and decorate them together. It's so fun to see the photos each year as he grows up! Hugs to you sweet friend....

Shalini said...

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