Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fancy Pants Designs Valentine Heart for the door

Hello!  Well, you know what comes next.... Valentines Day!  I just had to make something new  for my front door.  It's a pretty easy project.  I picked up the wood heart shape and the wood "Happy Valentines Day" at Hobby Lobby the other day, ( really inexpensive).  I didn't really have a certain idea in mind at the time, but really if you have those things, the rest is cake right?  I just broke out some sweet Valentine papers from the Fancy Pants Designs  "Love Story" Collection.
Other than that all you need is just some, felt, wire and ribbon, Mod Podge . (oh,, and a square punch).  I used the punch to just punch out squares fromrandom papers from this collection. I used Mod Podge and added them to the heart in a patchwork sort of look.  Then I Mod Podged over it all, before adding the wood letters, felt pieces ect.

There are LOTS of videos on you  tube on how to make these easy felt roses!

I painted my letters and then added them to the heart .

Easy peasey  project and something new for the door!


So , what else have I been up to?  Well, I love taking meals to the kids every once in a while, so with it being so cold outside this week, I thought making soups sounded like a good idea.
I know the kids have such busy lives with work and all the things they are involved in, that I  know if it was me, I'd be thrilled not to have to cook when I got home from work, a night or two.
I had potatoes to use up, so.... Loaded Potato Bacon soup solved that problem.

They guys all love chili.  Dan included. I cant go wrong with that.

Bananas to use up?  No problem, Banana Nut Muffins.
I make muffins so often that I hardly have to look at the recipes anymore.
Quick, easy and freeze well.

Only one problem.   I was planning on taking food to Amy  and Wes tonight when Jan and I went to Amy's
J'Bloom Party.  (they live about a hour from here).   Well, we woke up to icy roads this morning . Schools and businesses closed. It's nasty out  Jan and I neither one are ones for taking chances when the roads are bad, so we decided it best not to go. Plan B.  Where Wes worksis about 35 minutes from here, so tomorrow I guess I will deliver food there.   Sad to miss Amy's party, but I placed my order, and I'm excited about it.  I'll share when it comes.
I love this company because it's cute stuff , and the fact that much of it can be personalized.   For Christmas I got my sis a cool necklace.  It is silver and the shape of the United States.  I personalized it with hearts in the places where their kids live.  She loved it.

Amy has decided to be a Consultant for J Bloom.    If you are interested in looking or ordering anything, here is her site.   Amy Moore JBloom online

 Be for a wrap things up I also want to reply to a couple of reader comments from my last post by some my friend Jane and Rosebudlady.
By the way... I love hearing from readers, so please anytime!  You can comment or email me anytime.

Jane asked what were they doing with the straws in the family game pictures from Christmas that I shared HERE in my last post.  The game was a relay race where your had to move the M&M to the finish line by blowing with a straw.   Luckily we have a lot of people full of "hot air" lol  in our family, so it went over well.

Rosebudlady, thank you so much for your kind words.  She thanked me for the time and effort I put into blog posts, and that means a lot to me.  Blogging takes time. Typing , sizing photos ect.  And honestly from time to time I've wondered if it's work the effort.  I start to think that no one is reading or looking since Face Book and Instgram have become so popular.   Then I take a look at my traffic stats and I know people are coming, but to have someone say thank you for doing it... is, well.... SO NICE!
She also asked if I'm a night owl, because my posts are often very late at night. YES, I am.  I have always kind of been a night owl. Especially when I was traveling and teaching more, and defiantly more since Dan started working overnights.  Since we don't have any kids at home and it's just us and the dogs, it's easy to just roll with his schedule.  He work days vary back and forth every two weeks, so it's kind of crazy town around here with the hours we keep.

Ok kids, thanks for stopping by.  I hope your week is going great!


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Love that patch work Valentine paper ... cool project!
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