Friday, April 28, 2017

"Joy looks good on you" card using Tammy Tutterow Stamps

Hello Friends!
I'm LOVING working with these stamps from Tammy Tutterow! They are gorgeous and so easy to use. This one was done with just fine tip sharpies and a bit of chalk.   Being far from a master of any specific markers, I find I can't really go wrong with these stamps, whether I use, markers, colored pencils, watercolor, chalk .. whatever.  They are so forgiving!
There are so many really cute stamps to choose from. This is the first time using this one for me. I   see me using is a lot in the future!
You can see all the stamps here

Today is the day that Tammy shares the teams projects, so if you want to see the awesome projects the Creative Team has been working on, you can check them out here
Tammy always had gorgeous projects she shares here on her blog, so you can check it out anytime, and you wont be disappointed :) 


Here is the link to this stamp  Joy looks good on you

I've been having so much fun creating with these stamps.  Dan always wants me to come downstairs and watch a movie with  him on his nights off.  I however have never really been one to sit and watch TV with out doing something else. (Especially thru a move).  It's almost painful to me lol. So...I bring a few pre- stamped  images downstairs with me and color while I'm watching.  NOW, I'm a happy camper! lol


Even tho we have an many dreary, cloudy days, I'm thrilled Spring had finally arrived.  I love seeing our fruit tree in bloom.

The clouds started to lift and the sky is looking lighter.  I know for many people this photo wouldn't be too thrilling, but for me................. It's bliss.   We always wanted to live in the country, at least out of town.  Sometimes I have to pinch myself.  I love it here so much.  We don't live in a  mansion, or own hundreds of acres of land, but we love it here.
Sometimes you just have to stop and think about what you have and be thankful.

I hope you are all had a great week! Enjoy the weekend! YAY!


Thursday, April 27, 2017

Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L / Paper House Productions blog hop Day 4

It's been an exciting week of sharing on the Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L and Paper House Productions blogs. We have teamed up and have been sharing the creativity all week. You can check out all the posts and projects here on the Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L blog and on the Paper House Productions blog
And ... did I mention that there are giveaways involved??

All I can say is if you are looking for some great Travel themed scrapbooking products, look no further. Wow, Paper House has it all.
I found this Midwest Tag Sheet that instantly called to me.  Go figure! lol  I don't ever see "Nebraska" things , unless they are football related.  I was thrilled.
I decided to use this photo, that for me sums up our life, living here in NE.  This is the road to our house. Our land is where those trees are.

I thought it would be fun to use one of these journal pieces to add some facts about NE.

For putting together layouts I'm in love with my E-Z runner Grand.  It's my go to for most everything, but for layouts it's a dream.   The adhesive is permanent  and is HOLDS!  You don't need to cover the entire back in adhesive, or even run it all around the edge of the paper your attaching.  I just hit the corner , and the middle. Simple as that!

Paper House also has some great dimensional stickers, like this US map sticker.  There was also a little heart on the sheet that was perfect for placing right on Nebraska .

I truly have used Scrapbook Adhesives by 3-L exclusively  for at least 15 years now.  I LOVE that they have the perfect adhesive for the job.  For example, below I show how I used Crafty Power Tape for thin strips of paper that I use  for borders and accents.

This is also why I really love checking out the projects on the SA blog.  I not only like to be inspired by the projects the Design Team creates, but also to see the different ways they use each of the adhesives. Sometimes I see a way one of the girls has used a certainly adhesive and thought " why didn't I ever think of that?"  You will find very helpful tips there.

Thanks so much for stopping today! Don't forget there is all kinds of inspiration on the Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L blog and the Paper House Productions Blog, so check them out if you have a chance.  (Links above.)


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sharing some cards and Our Easter

Hey friends!  Hoping everyone had a fantastic Easter weekend!  We had a great Easter with family! As always, after a holiday I have my usual blast of photos to share.  But I'll share a couple of cards first.
I'm having so much fun with Tammy Tutterows stamps these days.  I'm so lucky to work with products that work so well together.  I always use Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L adhesives, because they had the perfect adhesive for any project.. that's just a given for me.  The papers I used on the card below with Tammy's stamp, are Fancy Pants Designs.  I feel so blessed to be lucky enough to work with all my favorites!

No super fancy markers or techniques on the card above.  I went old school with Sharpies and chalk. I wish you could see the sparkle on this card.  It's amazing!  I LOVE my SAKURA Gelly Roller (stardust) pen!!!  
A number of you had asked me about them before. I know there are a number of colors ..but I LOVE the CLEAR one, because you can use it over anything!

This week I had my first day back posting on the Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L blog.  I have a tutorial showing how I used their Foam Shapes and glitter to create the embellishments for this card.
You can see it HERE

I'm also a huge fan of using foam tape to give my image some lift from the page.  I used it on both these cards.

For those of you who might be new to visiting my blog, just a heads up. I LOVE my family and can not stop myself from sharing photos after our get togethers. lol  Those who have been coming here for years know the routine. lol    I come from a large family.  We love being together.  As nuts as it can get at times...we wouldn't change it for anything.   Years ago we grew to big for having our holidays at anyones house, so we started renting a place.   It was hard at first, not being at mom and dads house, but  we quickly realized, it doesn't matter as long as we are together.  For our family that isn't here in NE, we are so thankful we are able to text, chat and Facetime with them on the Holidays that we cant be together.
 Time has changed things.  Mom and Dad have both passed. We've had to deal with the heartache of loosing them, and carrying on family holiday traditions without them.   But we have all these new sweet little people that remind us what our parents taught us about how important "family" is.  Sometimes I just think how mom and dad  must be just looking down and smiling at all these sweet new additions that have come along since they've passed.  I imagine my dad leaning over to my mom and saying .. " Just look what we started" lol   (Which he did often).

We were so thrilled Neely and Tennessee were able to be back in NE from LA for Easter.  I can not believe how fast this little guy is growing up!

I am telling you... there is just nothing better then watching my sis Jan and brother in law Keith with him. They adore him.  Their first and only grandchild right now.   They will be blessed with a granddaughter soon.  Their son Ryan and his wife are expecting.

The place we rent is in my small town.  The building is very close to the city park, so we all head here for a little egg smashing fun. What??

IFY for those of you who have seen photos over the years of Griffin, Jayvier and Adian, I'll blow you away with this photo.  They are teens!

Back to the "egg smashing"
Diana ( niece. Brents wife, Nathaniel's mom)  is originally from Mazatlan Mexico.  She now shares with us a tradition from her childhood there.  Cascarons .   They are eggs that have been emptied, washed, dried, painted, and filled with confetti.   The idea is to run to catch a person and crack it on their head.    Diana hand painted all the eggs herself.

A cascarón (plural cascarones, without accent mark; from Spanish cascarón, "eggshell," the augmentative form of cáscara, "shell") is a hollowed-out chicken egg filled with confetti or small toys. Cascarones are common through Mexico and are similar to the Easter eggs popular in many other countries. They are mostly used in Mexico during Carnival, but in US and Mexico border towns the cultures combined making them a popular Easter tradition.
Decorated, confetti-filled cascarones may be thrown or crushed over the recipient's head to shower him or her with confetti. In addition to Easter, cascarones have become popular for occasions including birthdays, Halloween, Cinco de Mayo, Dieciséis, Day of the Dead, and weddings (wedding cascarones can be filled with birdseed). Like many popular traditions in Mexico, cascarones are increasingly popular in the southwestern United States.[1] For example, they are especially prominent during the two-week, city-wide festival of Fiesta in San Antonio, Texas. Cascarones are usually made during Easter time.

She puts so much work into these, and makes A LOT of them for everyone in the family to be able to participate.  Trust me.. it's not just the little kids who have fun with this... lol

Planning the attack


Getting even


I had to laugh when I came across this photo.  I think Amy had just cracked one on Wes. lol

We are so lucky to have Diana share this tradition with us, and love us enough to make all these for us.  They are definitely a labor of love.We have so much fun.  It's now turned into a family tradition for us.

It always does my heart good to have a day with the big fam.  It was extra special to get to have Neely and Tenn here.  I love this photo of them in the park.  When I drive into town from our place I   go right by the park.  I love that  know when I drive by.... I'll have this memory.

Thankful for these people

Project life card from "One Velvet Morning"

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share.


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Excited to be joining the Tammy Tutterow Designs creattive team

Yes I am! Super excited to be working with Tammy Tutterow and her team!  I have know Tammy for many years now. We have met at trade shows over the years and always enjoyed chatting.  She is an amazingly talented lady, and I'm thrilled to be helping show off her designs.
Stamps with designs like these make "Coloring" easy for  someone like me. Super detailed stamps with really fine lines scare me. ( just being honest here folks) lol   These are beautiful designs that are fun to color, whether you are a seasoned "colorer", or newbie to coloring like me. Seriously, you don't have to own a million expensive markers to color these.  I just used Sharpies and chalk for the most part on the card below.

I've been experimenting with other markers, watercolors, and watercolor pencils also.  They all work great with these stamps. I never saw myself dragging out my old chalks and using them ...but I AM. And I'm finding my love for them again.  ( I'll share more about this in upcoming posts).
If you are new to coloring, learning what you like to use the best, and trying out different things, I hope you follow along with me as I share my coloring journey here.  I'll try different things and share with you how I used them and what I thought.  Like I said, this is something new for me and I'll be  learning as I go.  We can learn new fun things together :)  
And... for those of you who have been doing this for years and have it mastered.... I'll be watching you :)   And learning from you.
That is what I love about the crafting community, we share with each other , not only thru classes but ... thru our blogs, you tube, and all other social media.  That's the true love of crafting, when you want to share it with others.
On Friday you can see many more creative projects by the DT here on Tammys blog
and always inspiration here on the Creative Team blogs  Links HERE

Here is the beautiful stamp design I used for the card above.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter Weekend.
We will be with the Dunn family. I'm looking so forward to seeing everyone!
I'll be sharing photos.. you know me lol.

Happy Easter!


Monday, April 10, 2017

Time for some Easter cards

Time to get some Easter cards in the mail, so I needed to get in gear. lol I grabbed some Authentic papers and stickers I had and a few Crafty Secrets stickers and  whipped these up while I was watching TV last night.  I've gotten to the point over the years that I am okay with every card not being over the top and really time consuming. At times simple and sweet, sent with lots of love is just what you need.  These cute stickers helped these simple cards come together pretty quickly.  Love these sweet images.

I have to say I think that background floral is my very favorite!

The colors in this collection are the sweetest.

Cards finished and in the mail.  Hopefully these three.. easy but sweet cards will make their recipients smile:).

The rain comes and goes but we are getting breaks with sunshine here and there.  We had sure had some beautiful skys in the  evenings.  This was the view from the front livingroom window last night.
What a glorious blending of color!!

Neely and Tennessee are going to be in Nebraska this week and I cant wait to see them.  Tomorrow we are planning to go to the zoo. ( so hoping for no rain).   I  had already planned on having Lyla here tomorrow before Neely asked if I wanted to join them at the zoo.  I know Lyla and Tenn will be best of friends so I'm super excited to have Lyla come with us tomorrow.   Brace for photo overload.  You have been

Happy Easter to all of you! BUT.....  I will be posting again on Friday to share a bit about my new fun endeavor, joining the Tammy Tutterow Creative Team, so I hope you will stop back by.

Hug, Vicki

Monday, April 03, 2017

Hello Friend

Hi everyone!
I figured it was about time I got going with a blog post. I'm constantly trying to figure out how I got everything done when I was working full time or when I was traveling, teaching so much. ??  I just cant seem to get everything done that I want to. Please tell me I'm not alone on this.
Maybe it's because I am doing more things I "choose" to do because it's what I like, and I'm leaving the other stuff for last. lol
What do I love to do lately?  Play with paper as  always lol, and I'm totally loving embroidery again. It's something I used to do a lot, and then just seem to put it aside for a number of years.  I'll share what I've been working on in a little further down in this post. First I'm sharing this simple card I made using  ADORNit  Art Play images.  This book of images is extra special to my because they are my sweet friend Catherine Mathews Scanlons designs.
I actually used Chalk on this image. I have started to re-love chalk again also!

Here are the mini coloring books.   I have them linked above  ADORNit
So many great card sized images!!!

So ..  here is the stitching project that I was telling you about.   It is also from ADORNit.  I have served my term as an ADORNit "it girl" and they are now starting out with a new group.  They have had so many people interested, that to give all a chance, you can only serve one term.  That doesn't mean I'll quit using they products. lol I love them and used them long before I was every an "it girl" and I will continue to use them. I love their products and I love this family based company.  
This is one of their Art Play Stitchery pieces.
They are AWESOME!  Why?  Well , yes the images are great but... I love how easy they are to use!  They come printed on a peel and stick sheet.  You put it down on whatever you want to stitch on and stitch away!   When you are all finished .. you just run it under warm water and it dissolves!

 I am in LOVE!  I will be starting another one soon!


What else has been going on?  Well, the day Weston and Amy came back from their trip, they came here to get Jep. ( We kept him while they were vacationing).   The next day was Amy's Birthday. Wes had text me and asked if I'd pick up at cake.. he'd pay me.  He wanted to have a little surprise for Amy. Sweet !  But ...Silly boy! He should have know I'd be on this mission already. lol   I decorated and baked her a cake ( which I had planned on).  
I think she really like it.

And so you don't think I'm totally crazy with the colors I frosted the cake with.... I was trying to get them to match the garland. lol
I know I'm not going to win any cake decorating contest..but I had fun lol, and the butter cream frosting I made was pretty yummy if I do say so myself.

Today Wes needed to take his car in to the shop to be looked at. I was going to be in Fremont for my dentist appointment so I told him I'd pick him up and give him a lift out to the cabin to get his truck.  We have had soooooo many gloomy days lately.  I think I've forgotten what the sun looks like.  Anyway, there are still pretty things to be found , like these beauties  watching us.

Saturday night was Prom at the high school here.   Gabby does the couples photos for prom and I assist her.  We always have a great time.  It's fun to see the kids all "fancied up".    I loved watching them dance and have a good time.
Photo below... me and my prom date .. Gabby.  lol

I told you in my last post I have something fun to share. I have to wait until Friday to share. That's when the announcement will be made.  Hint... I'm taking on another fun  Design Team.
I know, I know, this is it. lol I don't want to become as busy as I once was, but I think this one will be so fun.

Now... go enjoy your week, 
and remember......