Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Whatevers - "The Dam Family"

Whatevers Part Three - The Darn Family
A couple years ago my friends  Nat KalbachCat Scanlon  and I founded The Whatevers, a Creative Storytelling Project. If your not familiar with it, here is what it's all about.  Most of us have seen discarded photos at flea markets, antiques shops ect.  We wanted to give those photos a story.   We each create our own page and write our own stories.   We have had so much fun with these! 

The three of us wrote an article for this recent Cloth Paper Scissors Issue 
 We have decided to bring the Whatevers back to life again, so we are  creating pages and stories each week this month.  We also share the photos so you can play along.

And check it out.. we made the cover!

Here is my layout
 and my story:

Dan,Darlene and Debbie Dam were a fun loving family. Well, some of the town people called them "fun loving" others thought them to be a bit eccentric, and some just pain crazy. No matter what people thought of them, there was one thing that was agreed on by all...........They were as close as any family could be.  They did everything together. Dan and Darlene had tried to have children for years to no avail. When Darlene was finally able to conceive Debbie, their world change. They were a family now. Everything revolved around Debbie and the three of them did everything together!  When they were seen riding to town together with their new side car, it was really not much of a surprise.  Well, the side car wasn't anyway, but the Dam's had their new purchased decorated with signs and flags, as well as horns that they could honk as they waved and road by.
 No one in town was going to miss this!
 Here is the original photo so you can play along with us.
( photo for personal use only)

 Share with us what you came up with on the Whatevers Facebook Page or leave a link in the comment section

Remember to stay tuned all month for more fun with "Whatever"..... AND, we'd love you  to join in!

Here are the links to Cat and Nat's blogs so you can check out there pages and stories.
 Cat Scanlon

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Catherine said...

Omg, so hilarious! The Dam family certainly hasnt disappointed that's for sure! Love this Vic, sending hugs your way! Xoxoxo.

Nathalie Kalbach said...

LOL- love this Dam Family! Especially their sidecar :) Wonderful take on the Whatevers Vic- love it. Huge hugs to you!!!

Candy Spiegel said...

I am so happy to see a return of the Whatevers! I was inspired by them a few years back enough that I stopped and took pictures of an abadonded home, scrapbooked it and then made up a story about the people who built it. Thank you for bringing it back and congrats on the magazine article!

Anonymous said...

As always, fascinating, amazing and fun! I hope you are recovering from your Near foot death experience love! I am so sorry this happened to you. Sending love and hugs.

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Love your wonderful whatevers! Congrats on the publication! That's fab! Hope you are feeling better each day! xo

Anonymous said...

Of course you made publication and cover! You are talented and wonderful. Love the layout. So fun! Hope each day brings healings love.

Unknown said...

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