Saturday, August 26, 2017

"We are Family" Canvas using Fancy Pants Designs "Family & Co" Collecion

Hey friends!
Hoping your weekend has been great! We seemed to kind of have our "weekend" during the week, this week.  My sis Sharon  and niece Dawn from Florida were here visiting from NE, so we enjoyed having them here, and I loved our time for late night chats.  I'll share a project and then at the end of the post, a few photos from our week.
I had this 8x11 canvas up on the Fancy Pants Designs blog last week.  The adorable family is my great niece Christine's family.  The collection used is the "Family & Co" Collection.

I have to tell you, I find the Fancy Pants Collections SO easy to work with!  I hardest part is having to decide which to choose from the huge variety of pieces. .  lol  No kidding, I'm serious.  There are just so many great coordinating pieces to choose from.

Tags, ephemera, chipboard and puffy pieces ect..

I love making canvases like these on a wim and mailing them to the family.  I'm so glad this one arrived, because when I heard from Christine she told me I had sent it to the old address.  ugh!  Thankfully her inlaws live across the street so the new people in the house, got it to them and they got it to Christine.  I'm so glad!


It was hard to say goodbye to these two when they headed out.  Sure loved the time we  got to spend together.  We chatted until 3 AM the last night. lol  My sis Sharon and niece, Dawn.

My dogs got SO spoiled ( even more than they already are)!   Sharon and Dawn are both dog people, so the dogs too total advantage of this situation. lol
My sis just recently had knee surgery, so her and I hobbled around together for a few days. lol  Dawn is a whirlwind of energy so I felt like she was taking care of both of us the entire time.  I do not know where she finds all that energy!

The only time she was  sitting down was to pet the poochies. 
Before they headed out, she had all the sheets washed, dried and back on the beds!

When they left here they headed to Lincoln to spend the day with our family there and go to dinner.  I have been having a lot of knee pain, which I'm sure is from walking weird because if my foot.  It's led to many sleepless nights, so I decided I need to stay home and off my feet for a bit.  I was sad to miss out on the day, but I knew it was best.  I was just glad I got the previous days to visit with them.
Below is a photo of  my sisters Jan and Sharon.

Below is the brothers, sisters and their spouses after dinner. ( my sis and brother in law from AZ of course weren't close enough to come). But their Son Brent and Daughter in law came, as they live in Lincoln.
The two tallest guys are my brothers.

I was bummed about missing out but knew I better stat off my knees and see if I can get this under control.  I played it pretty cool yesterday and today, so I hope it helps.

My heart is full after a great visit with my sis and nieces. I sometimes wish I could just scoop all my family up and keep us in the same state. I'm sure many people feel that way.   I'm thankful for the time with them.

Thanks for letting me share!


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