Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Mini Felt stitched hearts and the best Chocolate Chip Cookies ever!

I thought it was time for a  bit happier post, and to share something crafty with you.  I had pretty much maxed my self out with stitching when I made all the larger felt stitched hearts I made a few weeks ago, but.....    I needed something to tie on these bags of cookies, so I did a few mini hearts.
If you like to hand stitch, these are quick and easy to make.  And.. if you like stitching and haven't stitched much on with felt, give it a try! You will fall in love! Felt is so easy to stitch on. ( hint, when buying your felt, spend the extra bit to get the heavier felt because it stitches like a dream).

I cut a paper pattern for the center heart, and then just add the layers and trim around them as I go.  The flower die is from AccuCut.  I use 3 strands of floss.

What's in the bags you ask?  Well, probably the best darn Chocolate Chip cookies I've ever made.  I found this recipe on Pinterest, just on a whim the other day.  On such a whim, that I didn't even remember to pin it, I just took a screen shot with my phone. ugh!
I'd love to give credit to the site if I knew it.  If I find it, I'll link it up, but until then the recipe is below.
This is the first batch I made to take with us when we went to SD. ( without food  coloring). 
The ones in the Valentine bags, I just added pink food coloring too before I added the flour.

                                           Chocolate Chip cookies

Do not over bake. The tops wont get really brown.  Lift one up with a spatula and if the bottom is lightly browned, take them out and remove from pan.  (Using parchment paper worked great for baking).   10 minutes worked great for my oven.
Store in a sealed container.

Well, if the cookies didn't get your interest, try a couple hundred cows in the middle of the highway, headed straight for you. lol     Yes, this is what we encountered on our rural South Dakota road trip last week.   It was crazy!
The rancher road up to us on his four wheeler and asked if we could back up and pull into a little drive way thing a ways back, and let the cows pass.  As we are backing up , they are running at us, and getting closer and closer. ( just on a mission to do as they were told of course lol)  It was something to see!

The were moving them from one field to another field across the highway.  Luckily its not a busy highway. We were the only ones.  It was amazing to hear how quiet they were. All you heard was their hooves.  The rancher said that keeping them calm is key.
I can cross that off my bucket list. lol

And, if that wasn't excitement enough, we also  saw the Corn Palace in Michell SD.   I had seen it once before as a teenager, but still interesting. 

The Corn Palace

A few facts I found about the Corn Palace

The outside exterior of the Mitchell Corn Palace is decorated with thousands of colorful corn cobs, grains and grasses. All of this is held together by tons of wires, staples and nails. Each spring, the creative murals of grain are replaced to reflect a different theme or event going on in the community. 

Worlds largest Bird Feeder  -  

The Mitchell Corn Palace is known as the biggest bird feeder ever invented. After the festivities of the Corn Festival have ended, the birds and squirrels begin to feast on the outside murals. They are fed all during the long winter months. Nothing goes to waste.

We had been in SD for a funeral of  cousin.  After being with our family there, we drove four more hours over to see our Aunt who has been moved to a different care facility nearer her son.  We adore our Aunts and Uncles and are happy any time we have a chance to spend some time with them.  Luckily my Brother in law Keith, is amazing about offering to be our driver. 

Although we had to said goodbye to  our cousin Cheryl, it was a beautiful service and being with our SD family always fills our hearts.

January has been a rough month full of loss for our family, but I am trying to focus on all that I still have to be thankful for .... and it's a lot.

 Hugs all  around!
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Sunday, January 28, 2018

A Special love

This is a very hard post, that's why I haven't done it until now.  I promise I'll be back with some crafty things to share down the road, but I felt like I needed to share about what's been going on in my life with my family these past few weeks.  It's been a very sad time.  We have had a big loss in our family. It feels like a big hole in our hears right now.  Over the past couple of weeks we lost my sis... and my brother in law.
My brother in law had been in poor health for years, and had recently gone downhill.  My sis did everything to care for him and make him comfortable.  Hospice was coming a few times a week and she had a hospital bed brought in to their home so she could care for him there.
 Although she was in good health, it was a lot to handle, but she certainly would not have had it any other way.   My sister Sharon had flown to AZ from FL to help out for a couple of weeks. We were all glad Sharon was there to help out and also to give Donna moral support, as they were very close.
For Sharon I know being there when Donna unexpectedly passed, was SO hard. We all wished we could instantly snap our fingers and be there with her.  Family got there quickly. It was a shock to all of us, but for her, it had to be the worst.  I know Donna's last thoughts would have been... that she was thankful Sharon was there, and that Ron would be taken care of .

  Their love and commitment to each other was never ending and an amazing this to see. They had just had their 60th wedding anniversary.  They were planning a celebration before Ron's health took a turn for the worse. 
They were a team.  When Donna knew Ron's time was coming, she said "what will I do without my best friend?" , "We've been together since we were kids."
In a million years we never imagined that she would leave first.

We got the call two days later that Ron had now passed.

Some of you who have been coming here to my blog for a long time, know I come from a  large family.  I am the youngest of 7. Donna was the first born.   She was a bundle of energy! She did for everyone!  Ron, was a man of character, who spent time in the service and was a hard working man all his life
Because of the age span in us siblings, Ron was actually a part of this family longer than I have been!  Ron and Donna were married before I was Born. They had two children. I have a nephew 3 years older than me and and niece two months younger than me.  It might sound odd to some, but to us it was totally normal. 
I could go on and on about them and the amazing people they were but my emotions are getting the best of me, just writing  what I have.  January has been a hard month for us.  On top of this loss, we lost a dear cousin, so we just returned home on Friday.

These two did for family and their community ..constantly.  They loved their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren with all their hearts.

This is a photo of my family taken a few years ago.  My dad and my brother Gary had already passed when this was taken.
Back row: Me, Dan, Ray, Jan
Front row: Sharon, Mom , Donna

I take comfort in knowing that there was a grand reunion in heaven when they arrived.

 We now just need some time for our hearts to heal.


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Altered books for Christmas Card photos

Hello friends!
Today I thought I'd share with  you a little something I do with my Christmas card photos.(After they have done their time on the front of the refrigerator of course :)
I love photo Christmas card photos, and it seems like they just get more and more popular.
It seems the front of the refrigerator is the place of honor for them in the beginning, right?  After that what happens?  Into the photo box?
Well, I've put mine into a book for the last few years.  That way they can sit out in the living room where I have them handy to show off the family photos to company.
I have a "how to" up on the Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L blog today on how I created mine.  You can make them as simple  or as involved as you like.
Here is the link to the tutorial

I share more of the pages and information over in my post on the Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L blog. But here is a couple of photos of pages  so you get the idea.

In previous books I've used more of a Christmas theme, but in this one I used lots of color!

If you like a more altered mixed media type book, here is one a did a few years ago. It is done in an actually old print book.  I removed about half the pages to allow space and used the other pages as my base to work from.
For this book I drilled holes to add the rings.  This book holds a few years worth of photo cards where as the one above is just for this year.
Here is my original link on my blog to this Altered photo book HERE

Here are a couple of pages, but you can see more by going to the link above.

If you want to make one of your own, you can get more ideas here

my post on the Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L blog HERE
my original post on the more altered looking photo book HERE  

It's a great January project don't you think? 

Enjoy the process!

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Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Hand stitched felt hearts

Hello friends! Happy 2018!  Here's to hoping it's fantastic for all of us!

How did I ring in the new year?  In bed sick : (    I did still manage to stay awake until midnight tho, if that counts) lol. 
It's been so cold and there has been so many people sick after the holidays.  I am just glad I made it thru Christmas without getting sick.  Once this cold hit and the temps kept dropping.... I STAYED IN!   Seriously, I haven't left the house since Christmas Eve!  Not that I've been that sick for that long, it just felt good to stay in. It seems a lot easier to do that when you live in the country for some reason. I tend to keep stocked up on groceries and things for the most part, so we can go quiet a while without going into town. ( not that town is that far away anyway).  It's just nice not to HAVE to go out if you don't want to. Dan has been off for a number of days over the holiday and we are preparing for him to change shifts. This will be an  adjustment for both of us.

I made a lot of this hand stitched hearts last year and sold a bunch. I love hand stitching, so I really enjoy making them.   Not feeling well, and wanting to stay in out of the cold, made these days a prime opportunity to do a little stitching and spend some quality time with Netflix.

If you are interested, they are $9 each ($2.50 shipping with can be adapted if multiples are purchased)
You can email me at

Today I"m digging into the scrapbook pages I'm working on for hire.  Feels good to be back in my studio playing with paper again, since I took a bit of a break preparing for Christmas.
It's still FREEZING out, but atleast the sun is shining so it's pretty. ( and it's WARM inside)
I always love the view from my studio window, no matter what the season.

Yes, so.... BRRRRR...!!!
I hope you are all off to a great new year, even if your new years was ... like me.. not that exciting. lol
 ( photo source unknown)

Happy New Year my friends!

Hugs, Vicki