Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Fancy Pants Designs Valentine Cards, orgainization and Random other things

Hi Friends!
Strange title for a post, I know, but it's so true. "Random" kind of feels like it should be my "word" for 2018, the way it's started.  Most of you who follow here, know it's been a rough start to the year for our family. Loosing our sister and our brother in law two days apart was overwhelming. Then a few days later we lost a dear cousin. Since then a close friend of our son Weston, passed away . He had cystic fibrosis. He got the call about that just after we left  our sister in laws, mothers funeral.  So much sadness for one month. Things have to start looking up right? Lets hope so.

Valentines Day is right around the corner, so it's time to share a few Valentines Cards. These cards are made with the Sweet Nothings Collection

Along with the other hard things this month, after great thought, I've decided to give up my Design Teams. I have been with Fancy Pants since their very first Collection so many years ago, and loved every minute of working with this company. They are amazing people!  I just feel like it's time to step back from assignments, and deadlines for a bit.  Of course I will always create with Fancy Pants products and always use Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L products, because I love them! Great companies with great products!

I will continue to blog, because I cant go without crafting and sharing. lol

I have been blogging since April of 2006!  It's part of my routine.  I wish I could stay that committed to a diet or exercise routine :(   hahaha

There was a bright spot in last week. Lunch with the girls. Way better than therapy. lol  These ladies are such a blessing to me!

After lunch, Jan and I strolled thru Hobby Lobby ( or in my case... hobbled).
I made her take a selfie with me and this sign a saw.  After our cattle adventurers in SD the week before, I thought it was only fitting.

Cows on the highway

I also have to share this photo of Jarad (our youngest) and our daughter in law Kate, at the fire fighters banquet. I'm so proud of the volunteer work they both do.  Jarad is now not only a fire fighter but a certified EMT.  They do good things for their little community and I'm so proud of them!

Remember, I warned you that this post would be random.

Today I worked on organizing my pantry.  Have I mentioned that I love organizing??? Love it!
Anyone who saw my downstairs closet would beg to differ , I'm sure.  lol   That's going to be a job :(

I really fell in love with organizing because of my friend Pam.  Pam is one of the teachers I used to work with when I was a para at school. She was a "High Scope Trainer"
Part of that was setting up the classroom in a way that worked for the kids. It helped them put things away in the proper bins by having photos of that particular thing put on the front of the bin.
I was hooked!
Before you knew it, I was organizing the Supply closet. ( Grown ups can read .. so of course with words instead of photos).
Now I love to use those tips to organize my home.
When we have company here for a get together, and I run out of counter space, this pantry seems to be the catch-all for extra chip, buns ect...  BUT.. with it being labeled  and organized in bins, it certainly makes it easy to put things back in place later.

The same goes for my craft room.  For one thing, if I don't label things, I forget what I have. lol  The other thing is .. when I create, I'm MESSY!  I drag out everything to get just want I want to use.  There are times it looks like a bomb went off in here at the end of the the day.  But again, with things being labeled, it's much easier, not only to find ,but to put away.

This is the other craft supply closet. It needs a bit of attention ( I just now walked in a snapped a photo) , but you get the idea of  "bins and labels"

There are so many great tips for organization on Pinterest.  But I truly believe ( at least for me), that using clear containers and / or  labeling is key. Also prioritizing, by putting the things you use most right in front and handy!

Winter is a great time to work on organizing. Wish me luck on that downstairs closet.


If you've stayed with me this far.  Congratulations.. and thank you! lol

At this point, by goal is to just get through February with it being better than January.

Thank you friends,



Jill Norwood said...

Sweet Vicki my love goes out to you and your family at all of the losses! We learned of 2 family members whose cancers metastasized throughout their bodies in January....and a third is fighting breast cancer. Life Is just so hard sometimes isn't it?! Ugh! I always enjoy your organization ideas! I had to relocate my craft room this past summer and getting everything into a good spot and re-labeling is challenging. I'm at the age where I can't remember where anything is in the new room....hence label, label, label! Lol!!!!

Margie Higuchi said...

Agree! Thinking positive after a trying January (health of friends, mostly). I loved the heart glasses fun + quote :) LOL!! Am SO JEALOUS of your organizing projects...desperately need to do my craft studio (aka disaster zone - HA!). Will terribly miss you on the SAby3L team but enjoy stalking you on your blog posts. LOL! Have a good weekend - keep warm. More snow on the way here in Chicago - oh, not really. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Vicki, don't make big decisions while mourning. Don't drop all your passions. Maybe cut back. You are so talented and I love all you do. My heart hurts for you my sweet friend and I want you to think about a trip to visit me. You might could use a getaway! Love your cards and 3L is the best!

dyeandpigment said...

Boy do I wish I had a pantry like yours. Love your organization gene. I love to organize too and totally agree with your views. I'm in the middle of organizing my 12x12 papers and labeling the holders like mad. I found paper I didn't realize I had and am getting rid of lots too. Great post.