Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Live in the moment

Hey, Hello!
I haven't forgotten the blog, and I'm still alive... it's just been so busy :)  I realized as I was thinking about what photos I wanted to post here today.. that I can't let it go this long between posts because I have too much to share. lol   I feel like I'm drowning you in photos today.
I'm just so happy it's finally NOT WINTER!

Today I'm sharing some simple note cards I made using Authentique papers. Since I've been creating less since I'm stepped down from designs teams, my "go to" card supply box is getting low.  I love to send little hadmade notes, so I sat down with this Picnic collection, which I adore.
There is something so relaxing about creating simple little note cards like these.  It satisfies my need to play with paper.... even when life it busy.

What else have I been up to?  Well..... using up some rhubarb from the cabin for one things.   I feels like it's been for ever since I've baked a pie, so I thought I'd better, before I forget how. haha
I've been working on weight loss, so it's not exactly what I need around, but It's Amy's favorite and  we had people over to grill out on Memorial Day, so It got  eaten up. whew!

I also used some of the rhubarb to make the jam that mom used to always make for all of us.  I made rhubarb strawberry and rhubarb blueberry.  I love pulling the old aqua club pot that make always used when making this and  just reminiscing about her as I chop rhubarb and stir away while standing at the stove. Somehow it makes be feel closer to her.
I think of mom and dad and all the great memories they created for us kids.  I think of them everyday, but I guess even  more because of memorial weekend.
I took flowers out to their graves on Friday.  As I look at those dates on the headstones, I'm always taken aback when I realize how long  they've been gone.  Crazy how it seems so fresh in my mind. It never seems like that many years have passed.
 I'm so thankful for all the great memories they left us with.

I have spent more time sitting out on the the deck relaxing .. this year, than I ever have.  I feel like I'm truly "getting" how to slow down and enjoy life. I love it.  I can honestly say, now.. when I sit down to relax and enjoy a glass of tea on the deck.. I really "relax"and enjoy.  I know that sounds weird, but I feel like I used to think I was doing that, but actually I was sitting there thinking about what I  was going to work on or try to accomplish later.  It's not the same.

I'm also enjoying cooking so much more, now that I have more time.
For the most part, I'm cooking so much healthier since I've been doing Keto.  This was Monday when we had  company so there was pie. lol  But otherwise most of this is Keto friendly.
Do any of you do Keto?  I feel like it's something that is actually sustainable for me.  I'm down 40lbs ( but with much to go).   Thankful for each day I continue to try to eat healthier.  Weight has always been a issue for me, but I think for me, like  many of us... as you get older you give much more thought to your health rather than just  appearance.

We have been grilling and eating out on the deck since it's been nice.  I had been looking for a little holder for paper plates, napkins and silverware, that I could just grab and take out with us.  I found this ( 1/2 off ) at Hobby Lobby.  I love it and it works great!

 Wes and Amy have been working on projects at the cabin so I spent the day out there one day last week ( when I picked the rhubarb).   Amy had left for work already when I took these photos :(  , but  I loved  these of Wes and Jep.   

 We are a dog  loving family

Which brings me to some  sad news.  I feel like I need to share, because many of you who have  followed my blog, have seen many photos, over the years, of this sweet girl.  Our grandpup  Chloe.   We had to say our goodbyes to her after 15 years.  Kate had her even before her and Jarad were married and she became part of the family when Kate did.  She was the kindest, most gentle loving dog you could ever imagine.  We all miss her so much.  It was a hard, and heartbreaking decision for Kate and Jarad, but it was just time. She was so loved!!

It seems with all the good things in life, there is always some tough ones.


I found this quote and loved it.. so I wanted to share.
I added it to a photo, and I'm going to use it as I screen saver on my phone, as I little reminder.

Thanks as always for stopping by. I love that you do


Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Live in the moment. Sharing some cards

Hey friends!
I'm hoping you are all doing well, and enjoying some nice weather.  I am just loving having some sunshine!  I used the last couple of rainy days to get my creative fix and make some cards. 
After going thru my craft room, doing some major purging and organizing, I just fell in love with Crafty Secrets images all over again, and I said in my last post.
Today I thought I'd share a few more cards I created with some of my favorite CS images.
I really didn't plan for them to be all "Bird" images lol. I must really be in the mood for Spring!
Well actually I think CS bird images are just at the top of my list of favorites.
It's always to amazing to me, that with just these images and some random scraps of paper, you can make something so pretty.  The images seem to just stand alone... to make the card.

This image is just the sweetest, isn't it?

Another favorite.

Sandy's attention to detail was just amazing with these images ( and stamps).

So, on the  sunny days... I am LOVING being outside.  Spending all last Summer basically "inside", after my accident, just makes each day now even sweeter.
I love my outdoor plants, and spend time just sitting out on the deck enjoying them.
I can't begin to tell you how chill I've become since stepping back from my Design Team  commitments.  I believe it's true that everything has it's Season. Being on DT's was always a great way to keep stretching my creativity with new assignments and new product.... and the amazing friendships I made  being on DT's, were wonderful.. but now... it feels so great to have more time to just create when the mood hits me.  Not to be committed to deadlines.
I love being creative, but I'm also remembering that I love all kinds of other things too. There is something to be  said for taking walks, reading books or just sitting and chatting at a friends. I did these things before, but I don't think I totally took time to enjoy them like a  do now. Being present in the moment, not always thinking what needs to be done later in the day.
I'm taking time to take care of myself.   Working on being healthier. Loosing weight.
It feels good.
When I  have a difficult time doing all the things I did before the accident, and look down at my swollen hurting ankle... I remind myself how much better this Spring/Summer is than last year.  My accident was a year ago this month.  I certainly thought things would be different.. that this joint would have healed properly.. but it will be ok.
Thankful for my husband who carries the laundry upstairs for me now, gets things down with the ladder, because I can't climb it, and million other things . Thankful for the friends and family who are willing to walk slower and sit and rest when I need too.  And even thankful for these crazy dogs who who seem to understand that our walks have to be shorter and slower.
Man...  I am so blessed

remember to....

Thanks for sticking with  me friends.

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Sharing a card and memories

Hello friends!
I've been really digging in and doing some organizing and purging of my craft room this past week.  Defiantly realizing that I tend to keep anything craft related.. sure that someday I may need it! lol 
Time to narrow things down a bit.
I've really been a crafter all my life, but in about 2000 it became more than a hobby.  I've loved traveling, teaching, and designing, and most of all meeting amazing people and making new friends. It was something I never imagined myself doing. I was so blessed to have people to believed in me and my abilities. (usually more than I did myself). 
As I was going thru all the things in my room, it sure brought back memories.
I will always be a "maker". Its' something I just have to do.  Life has different seasons, and we seem to know when we are needing change.  These last couple of months have been bitter sweet for me. I knew I was ready to step back from my Design Team requirements and have more open time for ... well.. whatever :)   It was something I've been thinking about for some time but still, it was hard to actually do.
As I was going  thru the things in my room and organizing.... I looked at the products from the companies I had worked with over the years and realized even more ,why I loved them and worked with them for so long.  They were owners who worked so hard to put out amazing products and are just genuinely good people!!  Two that stand out are Sandy Redburn (Crafty Secrets owner), and Jodi  Stanford (Fancy Pants Designs owner ).  I can't thank them enough for the opportunities they gave me. Amazing people!
As I went thru things... those were the products were some of the  main ones I kept, and will continue to use.
I  sat down last night and created a card using Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage images.. and it was like coming home.

I am defiantly NOT giving up crafting.... but stepping back from things and just creating what I want, when I want is going to be so nice.
I sold and donated so much and still.......

And yes, it still over flows to the  upstairs hall closet.  I was kind of disappointed that, after getting rid of so much ... it really didn't look like I had.   I guess it's because all the bins are there, they just aren't as full. lol  Since I'm not teaching, I don't need 20's and  30's of everything.

It feels good to have king of "taken inventory" of the things I have.  That way I'll remember to actually USE them. lol

I was looking thru old photos of Trade shows and teaching to share here, and boy that was a trip down memory lane, all it's own.  Some of these were even before digital

Above, Fancy Pants Designs (Trade Show)

Below, and Amazing teaching cruise with Crafty Secrets

Trade show Class
So thankful for all those experiences!

I also realized that as of last month, I've been blogging for 12 years!   I will continue to blog. It's just part of what I do now.  lol


So back to the present.   We had some crazy storms here last night.  They had been saying we were  going to get some nasty weather for days, so we were keeping an eye on it.  I was working up  in my room when I noticed it start to roll in.


Dan was at work., but I was getting radar updates from him and both boys.
Jarad send me this photo from there place

This photo was taken and posted by Haylea LaMar, on Facebook.  It's just a couple of miles up the road from us.    Trust me, at this point we were taking cover.

Wes and Amy were at the cabin.  I love this photo Amy took of Jep and the storm rolled in.

And Wes got this one as it was passing.

It was a bit scary, but passed by without any tornado's touching down.  Some had damage from Hail.
Thankful it was not more serious.

This saying seemed fitting to close this post with

Thanks, friends, for stopping by and letting me share.