Monday, August 20, 2018

"How about a big dose of happy" card and girls day at 1912 Emporium

Hello!  Here we are starting a brand new week again. It's rainy and chilly out and I'm burning my first Pumpkin spice candle of the season.  I haven't been ready to give up Summer and even think about Fall, but after a visit to my friend Karen's house .. and seeing it all beautiful decorated for Fall... I'm getting in the mood. Don't get me wrong, I love Fall, I just hate to see Summer come to an end.
This card I'm sharing today, using one of Tammy Tutterow's stamps.. still has a Summery vibe going on. Again, this is another one of the cards I was working on to refill my card box. (it was getting low).  I love having cards on hand, so I can send a little bit of happy whenever I get a chance.

I thought I'd share a few photos from a fun girls trip last week.  We took a little road trip to Wayne NE to the 1912 Emporium.  We have been there a number of times and have never been disappointed. 
It's always filled with fun and inspiring things. Everything is displayed in beautiful vignettes all over the store.  Two levels of so many beautiful things to choose from.

It's always fun to go check it out for each Season.

You could look for hours.

As I'm sure you can see from the bags we are holding... we all found plenty of treasures. lol

I'll share a few of mine.  My sis bought me this for an early birthday present.  It was one of the main things I wanted to get when we went there. I had seen it in one of their videos on FB.

I also got this sweet little metal pedestal and greenery.

Like I was saying, I hadn't started putting out any of my Fall decor yet, but after stopping to pick up Karen and seeing all her beautiful  decor, I think we all got inspired.
They had all these pretty artificial pumpkins and gourds in a variety of Fall colors. This was just one of the ones that I got for the tray on my ottoman.

Here are a couple more that I got to add to some of a beautiful Fall greenery I got there also.  The ring of Fall greenery also came from 1912 Emporium.

My sis also got me that metal cake stand with the wood top. I LOVE it!

Always enjoy time with these ladies.

 When we stopped back at Karen's she shared some of the gorgeous gourds she's grown in her garden. Her and her husband live on a beautiful farm surrounded by rolling fields. There view is amazing! I have to remember to take some photos to share next time I'm there.

We walked out to her pumpkin patch, and she has some big boys growing out there!  It was such a beautiful day, and so much fun to spend the day with these ladies. I could not ask for better friends.  Julie couldn't join us this time. We sure did miss her tho!

Other than that .... back on the home front it's been yard work.  Everything that got put on hold last year when I had my accident, is what we are trying to catch up with this year.
We had to have dirt hauled in to level out the back yard.  We had some low spots towards the back that water would settle in when we got a lot of rain.

Before we can think about sod, first ... the dirt and leveling had to happen.
Dan got the first new gate finished.

We had LOTS to mow out here, so putting these pavers in around the fence and house help to make mowing with the rider easier without trimming so much. (things you start to think about as you get older).

The other pavers will give us a little patio area off the deck. Wood fence with be great to cover up the propane tank. (country living lol).
I helped haul some blocks the other day when Wes was here helping Dan, but with my foot, I'm not a lot of help. Dan works away at it little by little on his days off.
It takes us longer to get things done that it used to. lol But eventually we get it.

Plenty to keep us busy before winter arrives.

I found this beautiful free printable HERE at OH MY! Creative

Thank you, as always for stopping by!
I hope all of you have a wonderful week!

Hugs all around!


Monday, August 13, 2018

"Well Hello There" card

Hello friends! Well, about the time I think it's time to just give up the old blog...  I post again.  Old habits die hard I guess. I had to go back and look to see when I first started my blog, and it was 2006! Twelve years ago.  Blogging was a new thing then. Before all the other social media.
It's funny, it feels weird not to stay connected with all of you here, even tho I'm friends with many of you on Facebook and Instagram. SO.. for now, I'm going to continue to share here. As always, ... just my creative stuff .. family, friends, food... and life in general.   

I've been occasionally working on some cards, to replenish my card box.  Loving Tammy Tutterow's stamps so much these days, they seem to be the first things I reach for.  Beautiful, and easy to color.  once I'm finished coloring, I just crab my scrap paper bin and wha la... a card comes together. I love it! Easy Peasy! And it fills my need to create for the day.

Well, .. the other part the family, friends and life part.

For many years of my life this person was not only my sister in law but my best friend.  When this photo was taken she was already in the beginning stages of  Early Onset Dimension. I had seen   Dimension and Alzheimer over the years in elderly family members and it was hard to see..but I was never prepared to watch my young friend suffer with it.  Someone so full of life. Someone who I never imagined would be effected by this disease.  When you watch it to happen to someone who is your age, and has lived a life so similar to yours, you really can't  help but  put yourself in that situation. I would start to think, I was noticing memory loss in myself.  Watching her go thru this really had a impact on me.  Watching this vivacious person, slip away little by little was horrible.
I would visit her weekly once she was in the care facility.. often times having a good cry in my car in the parking lot afterwords.
I could go on and on about my memories of  Sal, but in a nutshell,... we raised our kids together, when we were young moms.  We did all that "young mom" stuff together.  We talked on the phone often when we weren't  actually out with the kids. They lived just up the street from my parents, and just across town from us, so we could hang out together almost daily.
Even after Dan's brother and her split... our friendship remained.
Life stuff and time change how often friends can get together, at times.  Kids grow and have different interest, go off to college, people move, or remarry.. all that stuff.. BUT real life long friends stay connected.  We always did. Not every day, week, or even month, at times..but the friendship never failed.
Sally passed away October of 2015. It's been almost three years and some days it's still hard to believe.

Here is the happier part of this post.  She has three amazing boys (our nephews) and they have lovely wives and the most adorable children. Yesterday we got to spend the day with them.  We had them here to the house for lunch and an fun afternoon of visiting.
Sure wish it could have been all three of her boy's family and our youngest, Jarad also, but hey, we will take what we can get. Her middle son works out of state, and Jarad also had to work yesterday, (but we were happy Kate come).
So, along with her youngest and oldest son's families and Wes, Amy and Kate, we enjoyed the day.

Look at these adorbles!

I thought of Sally so much yesterday. How proud she would be of her boys and the good daddy's they are.. and how much she would enjoy these grandbabies. I have to admit, I did feel a bit sentimental off and on as I watched the kids play, and my eyes even welled up with tears....
but my heart was full!

I have to share a few photos of the kids when they were little.

Weston holding Jarad (our boys)    and   Mark holding Tyler (their boys)

Wes and Mark where besties

Dan (my husband) with Matt (their oldest), under our tree at our old house.  Before we had kids.

Hold tight to those special friendships.. they are a treasure.

Yesterday was a great day filled with fun, food and family!   We enjoyed every minute!

I know Sal was watching over us with a huge smile.