Thursday, December 27, 2018

Cookie Cutter Ornaments, Christmas games and memories made

Hey friends!  I hope you're having a wonderful Holiday, celebrating with family and friends. We had our big family Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve, but will have Christmas with our kids here this Saturday. With everyone having different work hours, Saturday is what works this year.  Jarad, Kate and Wes were with us all on Christmas Eve, but Amy had to work :( , so I'm looking forward to having them all here this weekend.

I have lots of photos to share here today but first I wanted to share some of these cookie cutter ornaments I made, so that if you're interested you can pick us the supplies during the after Christmas sales. I have done a number of these over the years in all different shapes of cookie cutters.  You can see the others in this post HERE
You can find these cookie cutters separately, but by far, the best deal is buying them in a large mixed container. I have seen them at Hobby Lobby and at Walmart.  Trust me, once you start making them, you can't stop lol, so you'll just want to by the variety container.
After you have your cookie cutters, all you need is your glue gun, paper or washi tape, little Christmas do dads and your creativity.   I had a lot of little things in my Christmas craft bin that worked well, but you can also find all kinds of Christmas minis at Hobby Lobby.  Usually in a package with a number of them in it, and they are quite inexpensive.
I just have these stars sitting in my kitchen window on this cold blustery day for a little cheer, but they look great on the tree.
If you use a cool temp glue gun, this could be a great craft for the kids also.  They would make fun teacher gifts :)

I have to also share with you, the newest additions to my little vintage figurines.  My sweet friend Jane, sent me the adorable snow man in the lower left corner, and my niece Neely gave me the little boy and girl in the middle of the second shelf.  I LOVE their sweet faces! They are so perfect on the self with the others.
The other things I've had a while but they each have their own story and are special to me.  The wooden church was my moms. It plays Amazing Grace, and the cross turns.  We had given it to my mom when the boys were little.
The vintage Police car is because our oldest Weston, is a police officer.  The little vintage Fire truck is because our youngest, Jarad, is a volunteer Fire Fighter and EMT.  (that's him as a baby in the photo).
The little caroling boy in the bottom right corner belonged to my brother in laws mother , whom our family adored. Each of the others I've found along the way over the years, and each are special to me.
I have a number of others, here and there around the house, well, just because I love them.

For those of you who have been following my blog for some time now, know that Christmas Eve is the Dunn family Christmas.  There is a lot of us, so once we outgrew mom and dads house years ago, we decided we still wanted to be together on Christmas Eve, so it was time to think about renting a place. There usually ends up being 30 to 40 of us.  It's a big, crazy, fun filled evening together ... and we leave with our hearts ( and tummy's) full!
The first year that we rented a place and weren't at mom and dads was hard, but we quickly realized that being together was what mattered.

I plan games and everyone is a good sport about playing for the most part, although I think it makes them nervous at times, not knowing what they are in for. lol

We do "Decorate a Grandpa" every year because it's fun for the kids. This year I switched it up and we did "Decorate a Grandma".  The kids get a bag with streamers, bows, ect, and they get to decorate the Grandparent like they would a tree.  You can make a contest out of it if you you like, but since we had some small children, we just let them decorate and have fun.

Tennessee was here all the way from California.  He had fun decorating his Grandma ( my sis Jan).

Diana's Grandkids are in AZ but ... no worries because the other kids are more than willing to help out with decorating her also. No Grandma will be left out lol

Which comes to me.  I'm not "legit" a Grandma yet, but I  got to be this year, because Lyla and Henry and their parents joined us for Christmas Eve. They stopped by to say hi on their way to church and we talked them into coming back after church service.  It was wonderful! 

 Next game...
Shave Santa (or an elf in this case I guess).  Two teams and it's played like a relay.  You will need.... Shaving cream, Popsicle sticks for shaving, a trash bag to over the person being shaved, and a plastic table cloth to set the chairs on. ( oh, and numerous wash cloths are a good idea).
The kids thought this was so fun!

We played a couple of other games also, but since I'm running the games, I don't get much of a chance to take photos.  Keeping this group on task is a chore, trust me. lol
I will do better with that next year.  Most of these photos I had to snag from others. lol

Everyone gets in on the fun, one way or another.  ( above is my niece Lyndsay and my nephew Sean)
Below is our son Wes.  Yes, he gets his serious side from me. lol

My nephew Christoper and I in the photo below.

The littles open their gifts, and the real fun begins.

After the kids open their gift and are playing with them, the adults do a white elephant gift exchange.  It's a hoot!

I think it's fair to say that a good time was had by all.
I night of hugs and kisses and Christmas wishes.

And before you know it, it's late and the wee ones need to go to bed so Santa can come. Tennessee has his Jams on and will probably be asleep in his car seat before they get to the edge of town.
Heading back to his Grandma and Grandpas house in Lincoln. We were to blessed to have them here from LA to have Christmas with us.

It's always shocking to me how fast these kids grow up!  I'm thankful for these times together, and thankful for this wild and crazy family to make new memories with each year.  Usually, as busy as it is, sometime during the evening I just stop and look around and think..... mom and dad are probably looking down, smiling  and really proud that we all love this time so much and WANT to be together on Christmas Eve.
Oh.. and Dad would nudge mom and say "Look what we started Mother".  ( something my dad would say often over the years... at the height of the craziness) lol

Miss them like crazy

Wishing you all an amazing new year!


Saturday, December 15, 2018

Stitched Mitten and Sycamore Farms

We are inching closer to Christmas. How is your stress level?  I hope it's nonexistent!
Let it go.  That has been my goal this year.  Do what ever you have to do to cut the stress out of the holidays and just ENJOY time with your family and friends.
I have listened to Christmas music more, lit more candles, made more hand made gifts, got together with more with friends, and made a donation to a charity that is special to me. All of those things are important to me make me happy.
 I've make a conscious  effort to not stress about getting a million things done, and focus on whats important to me.
 I think it's hard for some of us to say.."hey, if it doesn't get done, it's ok".  But.. really... it is OK!

So.... turn up that Christmas music, grab a cup of coffee and put your feet up.

Today I thought I'd share these little mitten ornaments I worked on this year.
Again... another de-stresser for me is hand stitching.  So I've doing a lot more of it.

Need some Christmas Music to listen to while you're here? This is what I'm listening to as I write.

Talking about time with friends....... we had company yesterday.  These little cuties and their mommy and daddy were here for a visit.  I am so blessed to have them in my life. I love that they call me Grandma Vicki and  love that their parents let them be such a special part of my life.

Merry Christmas Lyla and Henry!  Grandma Vicki loves you

Time with my sis, is another thing that is at the top of my list of things I love it do.  She and I just always have a great time together, no matter what we do.  The only thing that could make our time together any better, would be if your other sis who lives in Florida was here to go on little adventures with us.
Here are some photos of when we went to Sycamore Farms ( which is like Junkstock).

So many beautiful things to look at. The crafty side of us is intrigued  by all the creativity, and the vintage lover in us has plenty to take in also. 

Lot of fun things going on as it was an extremely nice day for December in Nebraska.

What did I come home with?  Here are a couple of things I got. This sweek little basket....

and another vintage santa mug to add to my collection.

It was a beautiful day from beginning to end. This is what we woke to, you we had a gorgeous drive.

frosty morn. 1

This will probably be my last blog post before Christmas, so I wish you all a wonderful Christmas!

 Enjoy, Enjoy , Enjoy!

Friday, December 07, 2018

Hey.. you guys! I'm still here

Hey friends!

It's been so long since I've done a blog post that I just wanted to touch base and say hello!
I've taken a bit of a break from paper crafting, and started doing a little hand stitching.   I'm a crafter at heart so I'll always be doing a little something... Oh, and I'm defiantly not giving up paper crafting.  I'm just enjoying doing some new things.   I've always loved hand stitching, and stepping back from some of my Design Team requirements has freed up some time for that.   It's also given me more time to spend with friends and family.
Speaking of friends.... Here are a few photos of our craft day yesterday.  I had the ladies over to make some of these little deer.

UPDATE:  One of my readers has asked about the pattern, in the comments below... so here you go! It's just a basic on that I drew up, so nothing fancy, but I'm happy to share.

I have been on the KETO diet, so I make us a Keto brunch. A breakfast casserole and these yummy Stawberry Scones from Mama Shire
They are dairy free, sugar free and Low carb   Recipe here  

and we had some fresh berries with whipped cream

Tummy's were happy , so it was time to get creative :)   I look so forward to spending time with these gals. We never run out of things to talk about, and there is always plenty of laughs.  I'm am so, so blessed to have these friends!   We missed Julie this time, but look forward to seeing her next time.

I can't begin to catch up with photos of what all has been going on since my last post, but last week I made cookies with this little cutie.  Lyla is growing up so fast!  She is an amazing child.  She picked out all the colors for a frosting and did a great job decorating. Lots of frosting and sprinkles lol , a girl after my own heart.

I'm pretty sure that her little brother Henry will be able to make cookies with us by next year. Yay!

I took some family photos for them right before Thanksgiving.  Here are a couple.

 These kids are just the sweetest!

As for the stitching I was telling out about...
These are phone cases.  This was a special order.

These little personalized candy cane ponies where also a special order.  They are personalized on the back with had stitching.

Oh, and then there was that special order for 50 pigs. lol  I'll share more about that in my next post.
I have had so many stitching projects going on, I can't share them all in this post. I'll break it up over the next few posts.

 Yes.... I plan to continue to blog. In 14 years of blogging, I had never really stepped back from it like I have the past few months.  It was good to take a break from all these things that I somehow thought I "had" to do. Once I told myself I didn't "have" to do them... I realized that one thing  I really missed was  blogging, and realize I want to continue. Maybe not every week, but I really do love coming here to share.  I've made so many great friends thru this blog, and I don't want to loose touch.   So, I'm waving a big "HI" to you all.

Until then.....
thanks for coming back, I missed you!

Oh.. and here is a picture of my family, taken on Thanksgiving.  I love these people!