Friday, December 07, 2018

Hey.. you guys! I'm still here

Hey friends!

It's been so long since I've done a blog post that I just wanted to touch base and say hello!
I've taken a bit of a break from paper crafting, and started doing a little hand stitching.   I'm a crafter at heart so I'll always be doing a little something... Oh, and I'm defiantly not giving up paper crafting.  I'm just enjoying doing some new things.   I've always loved hand stitching, and stepping back from some of my Design Team requirements has freed up some time for that.   It's also given me more time to spend with friends and family.
Speaking of friends.... Here are a few photos of our craft day yesterday.  I had the ladies over to make some of these little deer.

UPDATE:  One of my readers has asked about the pattern, in the comments below... so here you go! It's just a basic on that I drew up, so nothing fancy, but I'm happy to share.

I have been on the KETO diet, so I make us a Keto brunch. A breakfast casserole and these yummy Stawberry Scones from Mama Shire
They are dairy free, sugar free and Low carb   Recipe here  

and we had some fresh berries with whipped cream

Tummy's were happy , so it was time to get creative :)   I look so forward to spending time with these gals. We never run out of things to talk about, and there is always plenty of laughs.  I'm am so, so blessed to have these friends!   We missed Julie this time, but look forward to seeing her next time.

I can't begin to catch up with photos of what all has been going on since my last post, but last week I made cookies with this little cutie.  Lyla is growing up so fast!  She is an amazing child.  She picked out all the colors for a frosting and did a great job decorating. Lots of frosting and sprinkles lol , a girl after my own heart.

I'm pretty sure that her little brother Henry will be able to make cookies with us by next year. Yay!

I took some family photos for them right before Thanksgiving.  Here are a couple.

 These kids are just the sweetest!

As for the stitching I was telling out about...
These are phone cases.  This was a special order.

These little personalized candy cane ponies where also a special order.  They are personalized on the back with had stitching.

Oh, and then there was that special order for 50 pigs. lol  I'll share more about that in my next post.
I have had so many stitching projects going on, I can't share them all in this post. I'll break it up over the next few posts.

 Yes.... I plan to continue to blog. In 14 years of blogging, I had never really stepped back from it like I have the past few months.  It was good to take a break from all these things that I somehow thought I "had" to do. Once I told myself I didn't "have" to do them... I realized that one thing  I really missed was  blogging, and realize I want to continue. Maybe not every week, but I really do love coming here to share.  I've made so many great friends thru this blog, and I don't want to loose touch.   So, I'm waving a big "HI" to you all.

Until then.....
thanks for coming back, I missed you!

Oh.. and here is a picture of my family, taken on Thanksgiving.  I love these people!


Wanda Reynolds said...

Those reindeer are adorable!!!! Can you share the pattern? ������

Susie W. said...

I've missed you, but I completely understand about the need to take a break. Your stitched projects are adorable! Who wouldn't love to receive one of those as a special gift?
Every couple of months I invite my crafty friends over for a Stamping Saturday. We have so much fun together. Stamping, talking, lunching. It warms my heart!

P.S. That is a wonderful family photo!

Jane Harrah said...

I love these people too and their owner! Love your crafting and will try the deer which are quite dear! LOL Glad to chat with you again via blog as it feels a bit more intimate. Hugs my friend and hope you got your package?