Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Stitched hearts with Tammy Tutterows new flower dies from Crafters Edge

Hey friends!  Popping in for a little hello and to share some new some new projects..... and some fun news.
It's that time of the year.. when love is in the air, so there has been some serious heart stitching going on. lol
The hearts I'm sharing today are all adorned with some of Tammy Tutterow's beautiful new flower dies.

As many of you know, who have visited here before.. I am a huge fan of this talented lady. I met her thru the crafting industry many years ago, and have been admiring her work all along,  I am thrilled to call her my friend.
Tammy has teamed up with Crafters Edge to share some of her beautiful designs. These designs are wonderful and the dies exceptional.  You can read about what all these dies can do HERE on Tammy's blog post about them and about her new designs.

You can find her designs here at Crafters Edge

There is some other fun news.  I was asked to join her creative team! Happy Dance! 
I had made the choice a while back to give up all my designs team commitments, but in this case I knew these new dies were able to easily cut fabric and felt as well as paper.  AND, it's Tammy, and I love her designs, so how could I say no, right? ( that was one long running sentence) lol

For those of you who are looking for card making more than stitching, no fear... I still LOVE playing with paper! You will still be seeing that here. Promise.  Right now, with the problems with my foot, stitching is much easier for me, as my paper crafting is all upstairs in my studio.

I will be having reconstructive surgery done with in the next few weeks, than will have me off my feet for the next 3 MONTHS :(
A date will be set at my appointment tomorrow.  I have been dreading being laid up that long again, but it's just time to get this done so I'm not dealing with pain every step I take.
I will keep you posted.
The good news is, I got an iPad for Christmas, so I will be able to blog from downstairs.YAY
When you have an accident, of course there is no time to prepare. This time we know what we need to have ready, so we can line things up ahead. That is a good thing.

Here are some closer shots of the hearts.

And if your needing some paper/card inspiration, check out Linda Brandyberry's blog
She has a beautiful card posted make with Tammy's dies.

Well, friends before I go, here is a little bit of the sunshine we had over the weekend. Maddy and her mommy and daddy were here for a visit. (her daddy is our Nephew on Dan's side of the family but he is  also the son of my dear friend Sally who passed away a few years ago.)
I feel so blessed to have these kids in my life. I enjoy them "double", once for me and once for Sal.
It makes me sad that she didn't get the chance to watch her Grandkids grow and learn.  She would have been such an amazing Grandma.  I will give them extra hugs, and tell them stories about their Grandma Sally when they get older.

Thanks for stopping by friends!

Hugs, Vicki

Monday, January 21, 2019

Valentines inspiration

Hey, Hello everyone!

Here we are past Christmas and jumping right into Valentines Day!  I finally put down my stitching to play with paper a bit this week. It seems like it's been forever since I made cards.  I have been working on the scrapbook pages I'm doing for hire, so I guess it's been fulfilling my paper crafting needs. lol
The girls group got together at Karen's for a little crafting and some chatter this past week, so that was fun. With the holidays and the passing of Julies sweet momma, we hadn't been together for anything fun for a bit.
These are the little Val Day treats I made to take to the girls.
 Simple but fun.

These girls are the sweetest, kindest friends anyone could ask for!  I don't know what I would do with out them.

Karen had lined up this fun heart shaped wreath project for us. We crafted, ate, and solved the worlds problems. lol

Last week I worked on a few Valentine cards using Tammy Tutterows fun stamps. She now had some super fun dies coming out with Crafters Edge, that I'm super excited about. I"ll be sharing more about that in the weeks ahead. (excited).

Of course I've been stitching more hearts.  Some of these are from last year, but I've been working on more of the same.

These are also smaller tie ones that I made last year... and more again this year.

Here are some of the bigger ones I've been making this year. These are close to 12x12. Flower Dies are from AccuCut.

And here is a pillow I just finished.

I didn't get lots of Valentine Day decor out this year, but I always have to get these cuties out.

I am going to have to start blogging a bit more often because so much happens in between posts, I cant fit it all in. lol

I have seen the Orthopedic Surgeon about the fusion surgery for my foot. ( which I broke in the car accident a while back).  He said the surgery will be more extensive than we first thought, so he is referring me on to a more specialized surgeon. I will see her next Friday, and get a better idea of what needs to be done and when it will be.
We have just been preparing for what we will have to deal with for the 3 months after the surgery. I will have to be ( None weight bearing ) for 3 months. 
We went and picked out a recliner for the living room that would be easy for me to get in and out of.
I have been working on cooking and getting some meals into the freezer. Preparing as much as possible.
This is something I have been dreading having done, but it's just time.  Living with pain each step I take is just no way to live, if it doesn't have to be. SO.. it's just time.

ps. I did get a tablet for Christmas.. so I will  be able to blog.

Anyway..... Happy Valentine thought coming your way!

Hugs, Vic