Thursday, February 21, 2019

Cheery felt flower banner

Happy Day everyone! 
We may have had a lot of snow here the past week, but today the sun is shining! Yippee!
It's amazing what a difference that can make.
I decided to squeeze in one more post.  Tomorrow is my surgery to repair my foot.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous.  Not as much about the actually surgery, but more about dealing with being laid up the next 3 months. I cant have any weight baring at all for that entire time. (cringe).
All I can say is .. "let the stitching begin".  lol No pun intended.  I'm referring to stitching projects to keep me busy. I've been pre cutting so I'll have that part done, and I'll be ready to go. Since they will have to harvest bone from my pelvis, I wasn't sure how much cranking of the die cutting machine I'll be wanting to do. No worries... it's done!
I hadn't had a chance to use the adorable set of borders set, so I couldn't wait.  Since I took down my string of hearts I had hanging on this chalkboard, I needed something else quick. (It being blank was driving me crazy). 
Although it is felt, not paper, I didn't do a lot of stitching on this. I did stitch the flowers and petals on this banner, but that's about it.  It was a quick project that I put together in just a couple of hours.
SO... if your needed a little something to brighten up a dreary February day.. a cheery banner might just do the trick!

You can find Tammy's beautiful dies here at
The Crafters Edge

and for great inspiration for ways to use Tammy's dies... check out her blog.  Tammy Tutterow

 Yesterday us girls got together at the Corner Cafe here in my little town. (Yes, it's on the corner and yes, it's name is actually the "Corner Cafe". lol  We love meeting here. It's super cozy and quaint ... Oh, and the food is great!

It was a perfect time to celebrate Birthdays for these two kind hearts. Karen and Julie.

We celebrated and chatted a couple of hours away. (easy).   I'm so blessed to have these sweet friends.

We always include our gem of a waitress, Monica, in our group photos.

There was a table of about 6 elderly farmers at a table behind us, but I'm beginning to wonder if all our cackling may have had something to do with them wrapping up their card game early. lol

Any way you look at it, it was a great time.  I always feel so uplifted after spending time with these gals.  We just "get" eachother.   Trust me, there is never much of a lull in the conversation.

We seem to have so much in common. Family is so important to all of us. We often share about our children and Grandchildren, and about our parents who have passed. We all care deeply about preserving memories.  Which seems quite fitting since scrapbooking is how most of us met in the first place.
We often group next with eachother between our get togethers. Just silly things, recipes, memes, you name it. This past week Karen shared photos of her Granddaughters learning to hand stitch. Karen was teaching them. I remember my Aunt and my mom teaching me to embroider, and it is such a precious memory for me. 
Writing about  this made me think a embroidery piece I did as a kid. I wondered if I still had it, so I went to look in my keepsake bin.  Sure enough.. there is was

I have many doilies, embroidered pillow cases, and quilts that my mom and Grandma made, that mean so much to me.
Karen was telling me about a project she is putting together for all of her Grandchildren. I thought it was an awesome idea and asked her if it was okay to share.  It's Karen..and she's the sweetest, so of course she said yes. lol

Her mother in law has colored many of these designs ( similar to adult coloring books), while she sits with her husband at the nursing home.   She literally has a stack of them.
Karen is working on framing groupings of them together as a keepsake for each child.
What a cool way to preserve this memory of their great grandmother.

 I'd love to hear about a memory you have of  a time in your childhood when someone took time to teach you something you enjoy.  Cooking? sewing? gardening? fishing? Whatever it is. Leave a comment and share.

   I will be back sharing as soon as I'm feeling up to it. Until then.....  here's a hug



Vicki robertson said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful outing with friends prior to your surgery. Wishing you the best of everything through the surgery and recovery, my friend. Always a joy to stop by your blog and read your upbeat and happy posts. You have such delightful projects to share! Hugs and prayers for you...

Suz said...

I want you to know how much I loved the hearts. I kept one for myself and gave the other to a dear friend who just lost her husband last week. They are so pretty! Thank you, Vicki, and I will be thinking of you during your recovery.

Jane Harrah said...

Wishing you the very best tomorrow love. So glad you had some female friend fun to carry you through. I love your embroidery. My mom tried to teach me with little success. She couldn't teach me to sew or anything. I was inept. She did teach me to love. And love family and friends. I do that well. I am sending love and hugs to you now! Keep me posted when possible.

Clipping Path Service said...

Love those flowers! They make such a cute border ... or even a focal image. Great job showcasing them.
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