Monday, July 08, 2019

Fourth of July fun and painted canvas flags

Happy Belated Fourth of July my friends!  It's been a whirlwind around here these days, so sorry I haven't been posting as often.  After being laid up recovering from my foot surgery, I was SO tired of being in the house, ... I'm wanting to be outside as much as I possibly can.
We had people here over the fourth, so I was keeping busy getting things lined up for that.
I wanted to share these flat burlap canvas flags that we made the last time our little craft group was here.  So today is the day... before July passes me by. lol
We also celebrated my sis's birthday when we were together.  I'm happy to celebrate her, any day of the year. She is and always has been such a source of love and support to me. I don't know what I'd do without her. A sis and a best friend all wrapped up in one!

Each one of use has a slightly different and unique finished flag... and each one was awesome!
I had made two different samples, so here is the smaller one hanging out back. The larger one was on the front door, (I just forgot to get a picture).

Like I said, we had people over for the 4th, so I had fun decorating.   I'll share a few photos. I always get too busy and forget to take photos during... so luckily I had taken a few before.  And even more lucky, I did manage to snap a few while everyone was here.

Nothing better then celebrating with people you love, and making memories!

We brought out our movie night Hot dog cooker and nacho goodies, as well as plenty of other food.  Lets just say, I don't think anyone went hungry. lol

And I love having all the concession stand goodies out, but this time it was just so hot,. I had to set them up inside otherwise everything would have been melted the first hour.

lots of fun to be had.
and poppers for the kids of course :)

It's alway so fun seeing the excitement in the kids eyes.  It seems like they are all growing up so fast.
Speaking of kids growing up fast.....
You may remember this ( not so little) guy, if you are a blog reader from years back.  Can you believe this is little Nathaniel?    He is such an amazing man now.   He is so smart and kind.  He always makes time for his old Aunt Vic.  Makes my heart happy.

And then.... speaking of  my heart being happy.  I am pretty darn sure I was in absolute HEAVEN when this photo was taken at the end of the night.  I long hot day of playing hard and then watching fireworks had these two sweeties worn out.   I jumped on this golden opportunity and strategically placed myself in the big comfy rocker and put some cartoons on.

My. Happy. Place.

If that wasnt a perfect end to a great day, I don't know what would have been.

I am so blessed to have so many amazing family and friends! Thankful everyday!

I hope your Independence Day was wonderful also!

Thanks for stopping by, my friends!